Friday, January 27, 2006

I will come like a dog in the night

I need a master who will care for me and my future, those who have eyes shall see.
I will not come in the 'heaven' of dogpile, but will come to you like real dog, you can touch and feel me.

Happy! Happy! Chinese New Year hor!

I am off from 初一 to 初八.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The cleanest gahmen in the whole world

I am still very amaze, that many people dunno, even the educated one....
To participate, you have to cleanse your ancester lineage to about 18 generation, cannot drink, cannot smoke, cannot said knnccb in your whole life.


Liberty: Seek and ye shall not find

By now this news should reach many corner of the world.
To: the gahmen (of any country)
How you all wish you could do this to us in your nation

Once you compromise the basic, more and more will give way.....

Where is the line going to be draw?

Spirit or Science - which way human will choose?

The ultimate purpose of human race is to seek happiness, evybirdy should agree with this. Is there anyone who wakeup in the morning and tell yourself that you want to be unhappy, unfortunate, and try to find some misery on the way?
Throughout human history, Science and Religion has yet to see harmony. During the most influential time of Catholicism, many great Scientists were prosecuted and some were even burn to death in the name of the scripture, the same thing happen to many religious figure.

We are living in a very different age now, where you can see collaboration among the Spiritual people and the Scientist.

Read Buddha on the Brain, by Wired where Dalai Lama was invited to give a speech at the Society for Neuroscience's annual conference. I would very much like to get hold a copy of that speech, this is about humanity leh! Anyone have please email me, Thankyou first hor!

The online RPG game mania

I know it is not office safe to play game, but this post will dedicate to those online game lover, watch.. when you are about to click, ok?
You think miniclip is good? just look at 2fleshgame the graphic base site, and the newgrounds.

Those of you that love RPG so much that you play the whole night through it, there are - onrpg,
and the RPG acclaim by many school and ploytechnic students - the Battleon.

Last but not least, I recently discovered this that claim many victims midnite soul, and make them take MC and don't come to work, the - SilkRoad online.

As I say this post is for those online gamer, but please don't play during work time hor?

Chinese new year come hor? can play that time, can?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

DVD Animation review: Apple Seed

This is an animation that have a slightly better graphic than Final Fantasy, that is....
Graphic: @@@ you can see the facial expression of the character but the 3D figures are still some what not airy enough to capture you view.

Storyline: @@ about a new breed of human(Bioroid) trying to protect and unlock the secret that will give them the abilities to reproduce by sexual love, and the human off course try to stop them, I would. another so so story.

Education value: @ lame, teach your kid about why they need to fight against another new breed of human, when they can live together in harmony.

Spoiler: The seed is activated and the new breed human rules, they are stronger, faster and smarter, end of human race.

Growing lady in the Chinese net

This is an image of the 天仙MM, and the chinese net that talks about her
Few days ago she was still the top 风云人物 search on 百度.
But now she has drop to the 3rd. I cannot help but wonder is it really "the search" that make all this people the top search, or is it someone who is behind monopolizing all this popularity?

And... Google should also some kind of 风云榜, I think.

You can now see the most deadly virus in 3D

Image via Slashdot ----> BBC News
Actually I sort of expect it to be more scary, or beautiful.
But this is enough, the image look spiritual enough, for it to be real.

DVD Animation Review: Titan A.E

Some times ago movie which was not a very big hit in Singapore.
However the graphic: @@@@ excellent in the DVD, if you like star wars kind of movie. The visual effect it present in this DVD is breath taking especially when watch at a big screen. I don't have one, but a 29 inch TV with all lights turn off and all kids asleep was not a bad movie either.
The Storyline: @@@ a Hostile alien races trying to chase and hunt down a teenage boy who genetically holds the key to unlock the Titan, which this project could be the last hope of mankind to a new life. This kind of story was so so only.
The Education value: @@@ about how a ordinary teen discover his gene holds the hope of the future and struggle through all odds and make it happen, inspiring enough!

Spoiler: An awsome name for a planet - Bob.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What the kids will want the world to be

Sky High, because all the kids dream to be a super heroes, and they either believe or thinks that their parents are the super hero.
Give them what they want.
This VCD is great for kids, they will watch over and over again, just like the incredible.

Recommended: 3 out of five stars for kids education

Thousand way to customize you website

I surf the site this whole afternoon still cannot finish seeing them......
especially looking at the code and learn, mind bogging!


Update: They even have a BT search modules leh! but all this are not official hor!

Blow your mind away with them

There can't be too much knowledge in your head, and the who-man brain is design for the never ending quest for new and flesh things, that is to said, you will always be curious and you cannot resist mystery.
Visit them, be the Jack of all knowing - link
Or, come here to my garbage place, I also cannot resist and put them on my right.

Really very gullible.

Fire at will in hospital

Finally they allow M/P to be use in Hospital, Read the news for Singapore
Although the register has release the official last year July.
Every time I visited the place and keep telling the stuff there they dun police, now their head said so than they police.

Have to wait for Singapore announce than is consider official, ok?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Chinese RPG game: who is my trainer?

I still play this old game, 轩辕剑三,because of the great graphic and storyline. Raynor will do the basic hack and slash cum level up for me, which I hate about RPG game.
As I stand at the river side of Venice, admiring my own image and think about the devil pact human had sign with the ultimate devil, my agony does not show in the river because - the game was too damn nice, and the purpose of human life was to achieve happiness, wasn't it?

You have to do what you like, even if you are seen as pathetic or as foolish, live for your dream.

Home Sick

Always when it come to this time of the day, I would think of him.
Since Ruth has arrived, he develop "post-natal blue" that we have a hard time couping with, no amount of time or toys or tibits can calm him, This lack of love, probably a side product from the nature of love, exist in everyone.

It will make you a better parent, I keep telling myself.

We are Bona Fide

Truly, please be rest assure that we are really not planning to disrupt the society, nor to break up your family, we also will not plant a bomb at your doorstep.
It is really all about our belief - that we wanted to catch all the pokemon.
Please allow us to play peacefully, hor? can?