Thursday, January 26, 2006

The online RPG game mania

I know it is not office safe to play game, but this post will dedicate to those online game lover, watch.. when you are about to click, ok?
You think miniclip is good? just look at 2fleshgame the graphic base site, and the newgrounds.

Those of you that love RPG so much that you play the whole night through it, there are - onrpg,
and the RPG acclaim by many school and ploytechnic students - the Battleon.

Last but not least, I recently discovered this that claim many victims midnite soul, and make them take MC and don't come to work, the - SilkRoad online.

As I say this post is for those online gamer, but please don't play during work time hor?

Chinese new year come hor? can play that time, can?

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