Friday, November 10, 2006

WTF! MSM means fair and correct reporting izzit?

read the fingerJust like what the middle finger says, there is not such thing as an objective journalism. $%#@ off! The mouth piece of big organization.

IT related news of past ten years that fascinated the world

1996: Deep blue defeated world English chess champion Gary Kasparov by 4:2

1997: Rise of Internet online gaming

1998: Computer compact disk enters an era of write and rewrite

1999: Millennium bugs

2000: High speed broadband for Internet!

2001: Digital broadcast becomes commonly use

2002: Cars started to use digital services

2003: Single chip supercomputer technology unveils

2004: Paralyzed man plays computer games by thought

2005: Digital robotic arms control by mind

Photo of an Angel taken at South Carolina State Fair

AngelCatherine Austin and family, who took the picture at the top of a ferries wheel, believe and insisted that image in the photo must be an Angel, with wing. Start to ready your digital device, there may be more coming. (Link)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shenzhen private school teach on how to be a prestige wife

Diamond galsThey charge you a goodly amount, and then school you on everything you need to know to be a mistress of a rich and powerful family. They got character building, art and craft, slimming program etc etc. click the link to read the Chinese news from China. (Link)

Scientists identify Kibra the memory genes

Brain in WikipediaThe finding can then help to develop future drugs for Alzheimer’s patient, and all medicine that enhance memory power may well come from it. This discovery could also be double bladed sword, because there is always Human the X-factor. (Link)

RIP, musician and anti war activist Malachi Ritscher

Malachi RitscherMalachi Ritscher burns himself to death in public view, an effort to preach peace to mankind. As a rare martyr in the 21st century, he left a long letter to explain his last wishes,

“I too love God and Country, and feel called upon to serve. I can only hope my sacrifice is worth more than those brave lives thrown away when we attacked an Arab nation under the deception of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'. Our interference completely destroyed that country, and destabilized the entire region. Everyone who pays taxes has blood on their hands.”


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rare badges of Singapore police forces on ebay

Singapore police badgesSingapore police is not rare though, and they are also not collectable like their badges. (Link)

City of surveillance camera every hundred steps

click to enlargeI notice that they installed a CCTV on top of me when I took the morning bus to work. I know that it is inevitable that they would soon install some on MRT train, my HDB flat corridor etc. That makes me wonder about few things, of privacy and Humanity; I know many Singaporean would compromise rights for security.

I also keep smiling at the camera during my journey, like an andok!

Ebay vintage toy car with current bids of 100 thousand dollars!

100 thousand dollar carYou think Singapore cars are the most expensive in the world, wait till you see this hot wheels from Tom Smith collection. I am surprise that someone is not surprise when I show her this piece of ebay’s auction, look like I am a mountain turtle. (Link)

Also check out some other weird auction like this one. (Link)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Technorati: One hundred thousand blogs created every day!

TechnoratiWow! Look like the bubble is not going to burst so soon. (Link)

Scientist plans to fuse human cell with cow

Minotaur and HumanExcerpt for “Rain falls on everyone”,
“Researchers from Newcastle University and Kings College, London, have asked the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority for a three-year license.”

It will result in a 99.9% human cell; the outer layer of the cell would be a bovine element. Many scientists argued this as an act against Humanity. (Link)

What is the next logical step? To create Minotaur, off course.

News source of Human cow embryos: (Link)

Morning car accident

Car accident at Woodland Ave 5At the end of Woodland Ave 5, road leading to SLE, the car capsized. Traffic polices and paramedics were there. Slight traffic jam because of keipo Singaporean.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Very chiok hybrid Tupelov aerosled

Tupelov aerosledAs I say, Chiok!! (Link)

Another error message from China

Send to me by one of my China visitor, but this is not enough to prove China is on blogspot. I also tell them to use Google proxy, didn't work either.

Group of Catholic in Glastonbury rally against pagans in town

GlastonburyThe march against pagans was organizes by Youth 2000, a conservative group of Catholic. Non-believers towns folks express fear and worried, they also couldn’t believe that such an act could happen in the 21st century. (Link)

Man order to wear “special” T-shirt for repeated sex offend

I am a registered sex offenderOn the tee, “I am a registered sex offender” is printed; Russell Teeter of Newark was order by the court to wear the shirt for his repeating sex offence. While this is not as bad as Anthony Ray Stockelman, wearing a tee that marks your offence was not different. (Link)