Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sunbath day: Guardian Moon

Conversation ensues within our family when we went for a late night bliss walk in the park nearby. Little William look at the moon over head and ask,

“Papa, why is the moon following us?”

Wife quickly answer, “Want to see whether William is going home.”

I pause a while and said, “The moon is protecting our journey home.”

"I, good boy." answer little Bill

This reminded me of what my parent told me when I was a little boy. The moon can cut your ear if you point at it. You must chant an apology. The journey got lighter back.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Video: Thought provoking facts, that we didn't care

How true are those facts on this video? I guess it doesn’t matter to most of us. We only got a hundred years or less to live, why bother with who win the next election, or any eternal question. (Video)

First class wall painting

By far the best graffiti I've come across. The best one I seen in Singapore was in Tampines’s drain, cannot come close to this. Singapore really must buck up if we want to create local talent. (Link)Via EnglishRussia

Ron 42 – Era of Dragon

Ron 42All good things must come to an end. This great Manga spans 42 books, linked historical figures into a story of good twist. The last book, some parts of me are missing it. Never will one find a comic that touches Humanity with such profound plot. The best I ever read.

GPRS on laptop throughout Singapore at 20 dollars per month

HuaWEi VodaFoneM1 offers this subscription which wife enjoyed it very much. A GPRS modem let you access internet literally anywhere in Singapore. Configure-less and light, HuaWei Vodafone is a delightful addon to any mobile PC. Now I can blog (not work) in MRT from Raffles Place to Woodlands. Truly mobile.

Update: Paddy says,
For S$20 it is really worth for checking emails and some light surfing of the net with considerable okay speed.

Wireless@SG simply cannot make it even through it is free. Logging in is already an uphill task.

Thanks! Paddy.

My GPhone, Skype Phone, MSN Phone…

N80 in my handand my mobile digicamera Phone. Since I install Fring on it, I got messages left right center whenever there is a free WiFi present. I also dump all my MP3 files (Totally legal) into it and never missed my favorite songs again.

Nokia, please come out with a better headset leh! The connection to the phone sucks big time.

One thing about it, must we senselessly pursue the latest technology once it becomes available? I for one always choose the second best, wise on cent and senses.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Singapore anti smoking TV ad received bad review

The ads are gruesome, disgusting but damn effective. At least they got complained now. Meaning it has been notice. View it here or go to this site. Now you can only see it at night. Hope it don't causes any bad dream.

You think less people would smoke. I disagree.

Update: comment from RenHao, Thanks!
My parents, firm anti-smokers who usually try to reinforce the message by going 'see see... aiyoh so terrible' immediately said from the first time they viewed it that the make-up was so unbelievable.

Trackback: About that smoking ad....

NG80-2, germ feeds on crude fuel holds promise

China Scientist isolated enzyme of a special germ that consume crude fossil fuel. This may leads to research breakthrough on cleaning up our already polluted Mother – Earth. Quotes for China Daily,

"We identified the key enzyme that enables the bacterium to degrade long-chain alkanes, a chemical component of oil, to smaller molecules," said Wang Lei, a lead scientist of the research team at Nankai University.

"We also discovered a simple way to isolate the enzyme."

US Department of Energy data has shown that the microbial approach can improve oil extraction efficiency by 10 to 15 percent and sustain the development term of oil reserves by five to 10 years.

Money and speed are the key factors to whether this Tech will see its light. (Link)

Freedomnomics: Why Freaky Theories don't work

FreedomnomicsA knock-off book by John Lott, inspired after he was thrown out from a law suit against Freakonomics. I remembered how I was told about freak theories, and feel freaky without knowing the theories. Like a freak, I must read this book. (Link)

Star Wars characters on 15 new US stamps

Star Wars stampAfter the publicity, 15 new US official stamps which star most of Star Wars villains and heroes will go on sale on 25th May. I wonder they pay loyalty to George Lucas or not. (Link)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

DIY wireless router made of wood

Elf RouterIf this router was not cool enough, it sure contributes in slowing down global warming a bit. But instead of calling it wooden wireless router, I guess Elf router would be a better name. (Link) via EndGadget, what you think?

Birthday Date night @ Ambrosia

Birthday date nightWe were at 19 Baghdad Street celebrating. Turks exotic dishes and Middle East spices just water our lips and burn our stomach. Wife hates the music so we left early. Guess who birthday is it?

Russia unveiled spaceship like Galaxy Building

Russia Galaxy BuildingBuilding has ultramodern design. At the same time, I find it some what like a tadpole starship, or something you know what I am referring to. Great design! Look like it can take off to the unknown anytime. (Link)

The most entertaining MTV on Youtube

Treadmill13, 803, 888 view and 51331 4 stars rating make this dancing on treadmills the number 1 amusement on Youtube currently. Tell me about it. (Video)

China seeks to turn Panda dropping into paper

PandaVery soon, when you write on paper manufactured from China, you are writing on sh*t. The fiber-rich excrement will be made into all kind of useful paper products. So, maybe in future you’ll read sh*t, and wipe your mouth with sh*t. Can you think of anything worst than that. (Link)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Toad as big as Small dog

Monster ToadThe big fat amphibian was discovered by an environmental group in Darwin. It weighs two pounds and packs a size of a football. Gee, it might be mistaken for a Pokemon if seen. Quotes for Discovery,

“It's huge, to put it mildly," he said. "The biggest toads are usually females but this one was a rampant male ... I would hate to meet his big sister.”

Which means its female counterpart is larger, like a basketball, maybe. (Link)

Update: Cheeky comment by Paddy,
Time to go on a diet, toady :)

Youtube: Not for the eyes of girl

Assist Horse MatingCan you guys watch and tell me the rating of this video. I am starting to doubt Youtube’s ability to rate a clip properly. Anyway, great educational video, for animal, that is. (Video)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ribena faces major law suit with false claim

Ribena scamParent who let their children drink Ribena, take heart. Two New Zealand students just discovered there is almost no Vitamin C in it. Making it sound like a big joke to me. (Link) Quotes from Reuters UK,

“We thought we were doing it wrong, we thought we must have made a mistake,”

Youtube: Gratitude from a beast

Lion hug rescuerA lion recognized a woman who saved and nursed him back to health six years ago. A Chinese proverb which we know describes men worst than beast, the by product of a modernize society. (Video)

Google video: Suicide

Suicide VideoIf you have courage to jump from high rise building, think about living on. It is much easier that way. Watch this video. (Video)

Youtube: Chick eating bovine

Chick eating cowIts previous life must be a wolf or something. I cannot help but wanted to ask, how does it taste, dude. (Video) does this mean that they have to change bovine from herbivore to carnivore?