Friday, September 30, 2005


When we come to think of the world, the nation or the family, we think of our children. It is them who will shape and determine the future of Singapore.

Tomorrow is Children’s day, the day where we celebrate our future, although there is still no paradise in the country, in the world that we live in, yet deep in our inner most soul we still desire to have more children. Without this desire human would cease to exist in merely a hundred years.

I express my humble opinion:

Protect our children
As Singapore society has started to open up, so do our government’s policy. Drugs, violent, sexual immorality soon will no longer a far away street story. Soon after the IR is build, more tales we will hear, please protect your child.

Teach them the right thing
Would you allow your children to engage in any immoral acts? Then what kind of an environment have you built thus far? Tell them that this is a worthy world for them to stay alive and keep fighting. Give them a cause.

Leave behind a better world
In order for them celebrate a better children’s day next year, and the year after, and not just only worry about the ever increasing daily living. Re-light and re-emphasize our family value, the base of our strong society.

This is just some thoughts dedicated to our children of our age.

Happy Children’s Day to all of you and….. My children!

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My game, my rules

Last night I learned:

- That if I cannot read books and play power ranger at the same time with both of my children, I am being naughty.
- That when you are naughty, you lost the privilege to make milk for your children even if you own the milk powder.
- That sometimes you must humble yourself and ask for forgiveness even you have did no wrong.

The process of becoming a better man huh?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Milk, Tea or Kopi?

Inspired by mozzie, now become my trademark:

Milk: “I’m creamy, free of sugar and make you sleep at night, take me!”

Tea: “I’m cheaper, but I don’t work for you at night, sugar or no sugar is up to you.”

Kopi: “Everyone loves me, although I’m black but if you add sugar, I’m not so bad. Now the world comes to know me as the cheapest.”

What happen to our good old plain water?
Can’t I mix them? I am such a racist!

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Cook me but don't eat me

Yesterday while at the dinner table I was complaining about how the 肉骨汤 was fill with small chunk of bone here and there, enough to cause nuisance every time you chew the meat.

这只受过一遍毒打才上锅, 骨头都碎了, 死得好惨吔!”

! 便宜的就是这样子的啦! 下次煮完汤肉就丢掉。

丢掉! 那买骨头就好了, 要这一身肉来干嘛?”


Throw away the meat? Got to contribute to economic growth leh! Or else why do you need meat?

Somehow everything go back to dust someday… not right?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

finally some life on our TV

It is back! and you may wonder will it?

But why so scare put it on TV 12?

Art only mah!

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Can we change our fate?

I refer to Dr James Dobson in TODAY:focus on the family

I am neither a Scientist nor a Doctor, but…..
Is it the usual way that they mention about all this without acknowledging that we human had a spirit within? Is it really so Un-science to talk about human soul? More than 80% of the world does believe that we have an eternal self, no?

One can said that gene plays an important role in determine the next generation, one can also said that you are rebellious and your child carry a rebellious blood, but can our scientist map out our ‘rebellious’ gene in the future? It is easier to accept that we inherit this ‘heart’; children resemble you because you also pass down part of ‘inner self’. Or else we could rely on genetic engineering to alter our “bad” cell, and hence justify cloning of human.

Human can and will become better from the merit of ages, wasn’t there many great man and women born from blood of commoner? I said we and our generation can become better through a constant cultural revival and soul search daily, no matter how bad we are.

Criminal will not always be criminal, one do have a choice in shaping our future.

You make a choice, few generations later you make a different.

This the day!

Happy Birthday to Google!

Who is your unusual neighbour?

Nothing beats to have a good neighbour when you are staying in the cramp HDB of Singapore.

I stay in a place where my left, right, up and below are all different cultural group, as much as I sometimes have to bear with their unique habit, most of the time they have to deal with my movie craze and noisy children.

Once in a while they do some corridor cleaning and they are so nice to include mine as theirs, they also do brought ‘kueh’ whenever there is a festive season, their daily life become our watch everyday, if I don’t see their children today, I cannot help but concern.

Such is the healthy lifestyle we should develop, as there is a saying in Chinese “远亲不如进邻”. In fact I find them usually more helpful than my ‘far away friends’.

Thank you! My unique and kind neighbour.

Monday, September 26, 2005

pink just doesn't works for me

Recently I notice something about myself.

There wasn’t any pink in my life. Pink colour is totally like an alien to me since my childhood, I neither like nor dislike but I just sort of miss any possible chance to associate with it, seem like fated.

My deep soul searching also awakes me, I actually hate PINK. Not that this colour was usually connected with childish and sissy stuff like that, but sub-consciously I unknowingly repels pink.

I even forbid my wife in putting on by: “oh! This color doesn’t suit you.” Something like this. In my house you cannot find anything that is pink, if I see someone wear pink to work, it secretly spoil my day.
Someone told me: “粉红是脆弱的颜色
I am going to have a daughter soon; will I ever learn to love it?


You wake in the morning and you feel exhausted. Usually that means you didn't dream.

I cannot tell how long have I not had a proper dream already, everyday I woke with a sense of agony, thinking of the future of our children. How could they solve the problem that we left behind?

I never had a sister in my whole entire life, and as I look at this picture, it not only brought back a sense, but also a lot of childhood memories begin to flash before me.

If my time were like this maybe I could make a different, than again maybe not.

I stare into their eye and they firmly tell me this message: "cherish your love for today is forever, it will never come back."