Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Who is your unusual neighbour?

Nothing beats to have a good neighbour when you are staying in the cramp HDB of Singapore.

I stay in a place where my left, right, up and below are all different cultural group, as much as I sometimes have to bear with their unique habit, most of the time they have to deal with my movie craze and noisy children.

Once in a while they do some corridor cleaning and they are so nice to include mine as theirs, they also do brought ‘kueh’ whenever there is a festive season, their daily life become our watch everyday, if I don’t see their children today, I cannot help but concern.

Such is the healthy lifestyle we should develop, as there is a saying in Chinese “远亲不如进邻”. In fact I find them usually more helpful than my ‘far away friends’.

Thank you! My unique and kind neighbour.

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