Thursday, April 17, 2008

lostin best of Chinese English translation

Wife forward me this hilarious sign, should be from China. There are tons of them from I cast my vote. This one is my choice of translation. Remember to check your zip if you are near one of this. I think they are carnivore.


I say again. Satire on others language ability is a good way to cultivate hatred.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chronicle of Sarah Conner Singapore

I will not shoot if you leave quietly. I watch in silent as Will load his deadly human hive maker. He is well train for the rumored rise of Skynet after 2015. I cannot be too careful with that.

When she goes live, she will watch this and start hunting for us…

I will be ready for her...

Improve your vocabulary and helps the hunger

This is not a hoax. For every word you got it correct, will give 20 grains through UN World food program. I think this is better than involving in some Religious debate. (Link)