Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is what I call the standard of Singapore private sector

You know, I don't read newspaper at all.

I just happen to sit beside him, think he is unlike many other Asian leaders I knew, is man enough to admit he is wrong, and comply to the real standard of a private organization.

He can stay on my site for good.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is this anti smoking or safe sex ads?

I know what is this! This is a international pride campaign to raise the withered population of humanity.

Smoking is worst than casual sex! I got the message.

The Lovely Bones, my review

I haven’t read the novel prior to writing this review, but my thought here, it couldn’t get better.

Fans of the movie Ghost may find it a familiar scene where Susie was murder, but I want to argue, it was brought to the audience through more suspend, and remorse, after the director left details of the murder to your imagination. You will find that Susie’s spiritual world contains many symbolic messages.

Saoirse Ronan is beautiful, more beautiful than I would have thought before I came to know about the movie, and it is also because of this the tragical atmosphere in the movie is even more tense. Saoirse acting was young, but her every act in the movie was natural, maybe she was being herself. However, I sense that she cannot grasp the hatred of Susie the character, but who can. She already did a good job.

In most part of the movie, it is like a lucid dream of Susie, but she cannot wake, nor intervene. Scene switches between Susie spiritual world and her family’s life without her, connecting each cause and effect, or karma, I suspect the author is trying telling us, in a seamless way. Finally, he who loves someone the most can feel their presence.

But the best part of the show, or the part I like the most, is when the safe box is rolling it’s way to the bottomless crack of the earth, the finally moment that Susie will be free. I can assure many thoughts and mix feeling will come to you at this moment if you are paying attention to this movie.

Will the killer be caught? How was Susie finally free? All so well plot, great movie, excellent story. 4 stars.

No spoiler, I can tell you the killer gets what he deserves, but revenge and hate is not what it’s telling.

(Did Alice Sebold ever visited the other world? I like to think so. There are lots of symbolic stuffs in the movie which I kind of hope they will be better describe in the novel. But this part is not the review of The Lovely Bones.)

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