Friday, March 31, 2006

I am a System Administrator, don’t mess with me

You hire me because I know the computer, not because I have a big mouth and sweet tongue, I am appreciate because every times there is a clash, you know I will be there, not when are lonely or thirsty or need a cup of coffee on your table, I am a Computer System Administrator.

Nowadays many employments are all so wrong, they look at people’s certificate and hire them for the job, but when it comes to real work, what do they expect from you?

- politic skills
- smooth tongue
- stealth (for backstabbing)
- Oscar award in acting

As a System Administrator, when you resign, I hope you would not resolve to say something like this to your boss:

“In a world of managerial evolution, you are the blue-green algae that everyone else eats and laughs at. Managers like you are a sad proof of the Dilbert principle.”

And this:

“I have all the passwords to every account on the system and I know every password you have used for the last five years. If you decide to get cute, I will publish your "Favorites," which I conveniently saved when you made me "back up" your useless files.”

Who say an IT person doesn’t have a sense of humors?

(Link) to the most “powderful” resignation letter I ever read.

Also want to dedicate this song to all System Administrator out there. (Link)

Weirdest keyboards you ever seen

10 of the most odd looking keyboards ever made.
(Link) via digg, one of them I have seen it selling in Singapore, but it is not so commonly use, as many Singaporean usually emphasize on practical use.

Build your own comic strip with Bubblr

Your imagination is the limit.
This Flickr mashup offer easy and fun to use Self made comic strip utility, just sign up a Flickr account, uploaded some photos, and you are good to go, way to become a great comic creator. (Link)

News (Link)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Christian: How the Bible see you?

We say something is completed when there is no question left unanswer, am I right?
So, is the Bible complete?
If we assume that there is nothing wrong with the Bible and study accordingly, then, it would be a perfect Scripture for teaching, meditating and prayer.

Lets treat the Bible as a true historical record of Jesus Christ's time for a moment, and research base on a Human point of view.

It then became very interesting, for there are no book historical records in the world that fill with so much unexplain event, incredible phenomena and illogical heppening, yet, there are still million of people who believe in it with everything they got.

Two thousand already, everyone that question the Scripture is either dead and nowhere to be found, or maybe not entirely true.

Afterall, it is easier to follow when million of others are doing the same thing. (Link)

Picture source: (Link)


Manage your boss or they'll manage you

LifeHacker has this little nifty advise for you: 10 rules to manage your boss.

1. Decisions: If you do not want a 'no' or procrastination, give him/her a hand.

2. Manage her time: You may represent only 1% of her problems, don't make it as if it is 100%.

3. An opinion: If you ask for her opinion, she will always have one.

4. Information: It is not data.

More..... (Link) go get it done!

Symbian base software that monitor calls and sms

Suspect your husband is calling his ex-lover? Or you children is making undesirable calls?
Visit FlexiSPY, I believe that they got your problem solved, but the mobile phone must run in Symbian OS. (Link)

News (Link)

Apply for the best job in the whole world

There is a rumour going on in the China web right now. (Link)
If you key in "少林寺招住持" in Google, you will be surprise.
As lostin has always believes, what is the best profession that you can have in your life time?

What kind of a jobs give you all this?
- Everyday "念经" no need to do anything.
- No road tax, income tax, GST, HDB lease, utilities bill etc.
- Free accommodation and food .
- Allowance in accordance to how much ‘经’ you can ‘念’
- No need any formal training or certificate. Forget NUS, poly etc.
- You can ‘gay’ nobody care.
- Not affected by any political or social changes.
- No boss, no need to follow any ‘leader’ or ‘scripture’.
- No name, no matter what you do, nobody remember you.
- No legal status, cannot be sue in court like pastor.
- Save money from hair cut and underwear.
- No such thing as lazy monk or irresponsible monk.
- If you are too free, can do charity show to gain some admiration.
- You can’t be defamed nor can anybody say that you defame them.
- Still can keep you old hobbies, like watch TV, play game etc.
- Drive big car and use expensive mobile phone as you like, they cannot sue you.
- You are ‘irreplaceable’.
- No re-incarnation.
- Healthy life style, less no meat more vaggies if you like.
- Best of all, you can blog.

Off course, kid around, lostin is a complete clown and a total idiot! Monk are usually very well respected in the society, aren't they?

Too bad the offer is not true......

Ark of Noah rebuild

A Holland constructor, John Hubbes, 48, inspire by the record in the Bible, has set out to rebuild the Ark of Noah.
News report that he has been thinking about this for 13 years, many still think that he is crazy, but hey! Building an Ark even only about one fifth the size of Noah’s Ark is not cheap either, respect!

The Ark will be launch at Sep 2006, and to balance of the expenses, it will also be open for exhibition, adult US$3.6, children US$2.4, inclusive of religious brochure etc….



Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Best selling drugs indicate sign of human emotional status?

Forbes reveal the list of top 10 best selling drugs in the whole World.
ZYPREXA and RISPERDAL, which both are use to treat Schizophrenia patient, got my attention. Although the former has a negative growth of -6.8% but the latter has its sales growth by 12.6%, almost double.

I am not sure of whether our GP in Singapore give out antidepressant meagerly, but the growth of sales for EFFEXOR is only 1.2%. (Link) and (Link) to the slide show of 10 best selling drugs

What happen?

Is it because the World population is growing? Or there are more and more people becoming crazy?


What drive a million to demonstrate?

Singapore is a ‘peaceful’ country, to see people walking to the street and protest about some policy the gahmen has made exist only is schmoosing, never in real life.
Even with such a great scandal like NKF saga didn’t drive people to the street, all we do are setup some anonymous, cowardice online petition and ask people to come and sign, anonymously.

Maybe Singaporean are just to gentle, maybe we are all so well taught by our precedent that violent and demonstration will not solve problem, whatever it is, our nation are all well and calm, for now.

To be frank, at this moment, I wish that I was in France; after all, it is not in your every life time that you get to witness a million people, walking down the street, shouting and waving banners for some policy the gahmen had passed.

Especially in this nation, where our leaders announce and celebrate our economic well being, our people are contented and dream of an appealing society, open and inclusive type of government rules. Street demonstration, be it large or small scale, should only be in far away tales heard on TV and radio only. (Link)


Watch Sun eclipse live on web with NASA

NASA has just announce that they would put the whole duration of Sun Eclipse on web.
It will be live, TODAY, on the NASA web site, from the China news Xinhua. (Link)

The Sun eclipse is a rare scene to catch, if you always miss it, like I did, this is the chance to catch it on web. (Link)

(Link) to the live webcast site, if you dunno where to go.


Cute and small helicopter design by Norwegian Engineer

Features in Pop Science, the concept is a way helicopter stays more stable in the air. This radio-controlled tiny wini helicopter can land and take off from the top of the palm. (Link)


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dumbass official demand 'OS' be remove from the server

Recently my boy got interested in the Window envoirnment, so I try to explain to him about the Operating System and its function. I am surprise how well he take it in, hmmm...儒子可教。

Today I came across this news tread that an 'engineer' with 22 years experience, off course computer literate, demand that a real Engineer from CentOS remove Linux from 4 of their PC.

Company City of Tuttle, Oklahoma, even stated this as a criminal act as like 'hacking' and threaten to filed a report to the FBI.

Ooo...h.. this is better than Stephen Chow's movie, more hilarious than Jim Carry acting....

(Link) even to his last breath, this 'experience' engineer still insist that he is right! Gosh!

Singapore enter the top 15 list, again listed the top 15 skylines in the whole World.
Guess what! Singapore is in the list (no surprise) at number 6 position, dunno whether that is the ranking or what.

The pictures are stunning there. (Link)


It is pork but not pork

So now the Scientist can clone pig with Omega 3 enriched meat, huh! (Link)
Does it means that now coffee shop auntie can make Omega 3 包子 already?

"Hey! Ah di, come buy my 肉包, Omega 3 enriched one leh!"

Is time to hike the price of all the 点心, including 烧卖,叉烧抱,虾较 etc.... A! Omega 3 leh!


10 Science facts that we got it wrong

Not entirely true, I did know some of this, but still worth the read.

Water IS blue, not just because of the sky........

Electricity does NOT travel at the speed of light.......

and more...........(Link) men, just read the facts, don't look around.


Hip hop and

I heard that this site is only meant for the ladies, but it is quite hip, and even macho man like me is hook by their presentation. (Link)


Missing Link

Followed by the discovery of a fossil skull claim to be the "The missing Link" (Link)
Now the Science Menuscript for the missing link is also up for sales at one million bucks. (Link)

So, when Scientist finally prove that Human is the descendant of apes, the next logical step would be to develop a working theory about the purpose of Human life, and also a 'logical' step which you could fulfill your real meaning of life.

Wasn't the Scientist great? They are working so hard to prove that we are 'animal', to also tell us that our life is nothing more than just living according to our natural desire, like having sex to whom ever we like, killing others to ensure own survival sort of, can all be justify if we are merely animal.

Great! At least we can all throw away our idol worship.


Monday, March 27, 2006

Cypriot lemon as big as a basketball

(Link) The news said that it is as big as football, but from what I see, it look like it has the size of a basketball.

What do you think?


Video of gaint centipede eating a small mice

If you ask a centipede, what is the most juicy part of a small mice? It will certainly not tell you is the backside.
Watch the video part 1 (Link) where the gaint red centipede catch and slowly chew through the little mice, that 百足虫 is about 20cm in length.

In part 2 (Link) the poor little guy was literally delivery into the tiger mouth, it make me think of those poor girls that was force to serve those fat and ugly man against their will, I think you will have the same feeling.


Camel as suicide bomber

The report was not translated since 2003. After the capture of Baghdad, US Pentagon have a hold of few thousand reports that are unable to translate then.

One of the report reviews that Saddam actually plan to load up their ‘ship of desert’ – camel with bomb, then direct them to enemy camp for suicide bombing mission.

Off course, in the eyes of those animal activists, this is unthinkable, but camel is cheap and plentiful in the Arab nation, it is even cheaper than making robot, hence the tactic.