Thursday, March 30, 2006

Christian: How the Bible see you?

We say something is completed when there is no question left unanswer, am I right?
So, is the Bible complete?
If we assume that there is nothing wrong with the Bible and study accordingly, then, it would be a perfect Scripture for teaching, meditating and prayer.

Lets treat the Bible as a true historical record of Jesus Christ's time for a moment, and research base on a Human point of view.

It then became very interesting, for there are no book historical records in the world that fill with so much unexplain event, incredible phenomena and illogical heppening, yet, there are still million of people who believe in it with everything they got.

Two thousand already, everyone that question the Scripture is either dead and nowhere to be found, or maybe not entirely true.

Afterall, it is easier to follow when million of others are doing the same thing. (Link)

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