Thursday, March 30, 2006

Apply for the best job in the whole world

There is a rumour going on in the China web right now. (Link)
If you key in "少林寺招住持" in Google, you will be surprise.
As lostin has always believes, what is the best profession that you can have in your life time?

What kind of a jobs give you all this?
- Everyday "念经" no need to do anything.
- No road tax, income tax, GST, HDB lease, utilities bill etc.
- Free accommodation and food .
- Allowance in accordance to how much ‘经’ you can ‘念’
- No need any formal training or certificate. Forget NUS, poly etc.
- You can ‘gay’ nobody care.
- Not affected by any political or social changes.
- No boss, no need to follow any ‘leader’ or ‘scripture’.
- No name, no matter what you do, nobody remember you.
- No legal status, cannot be sue in court like pastor.
- Save money from hair cut and underwear.
- No such thing as lazy monk or irresponsible monk.
- If you are too free, can do charity show to gain some admiration.
- You can’t be defamed nor can anybody say that you defame them.
- Still can keep you old hobbies, like watch TV, play game etc.
- Drive big car and use expensive mobile phone as you like, they cannot sue you.
- You are ‘irreplaceable’.
- No re-incarnation.
- Healthy life style, less no meat more vaggies if you like.
- Best of all, you can blog.

Off course, kid around, lostin is a complete clown and a total idiot! Monk are usually very well respected in the society, aren't they?

Too bad the offer is not true......

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