Friday, September 15, 2006

Romance the three kingdom horses

Some of you have know me for about a year or so, I wonder how much you really understand me? I wrote a Chinese poem about myself, you can read about it.

My Chinese poem - Wild Blood

Meanwhile if you are interested in the picture above, it is the horse use by 关公in romance of the three Kingdom. Go and take a look at all the horse from the romance here - 踏雪赤兔, 的卢, 绝影 and 爪黄飞电.

What a beast!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Commercial Alert protest on new monopoly 'Here & Now edition's pro junk food style

Gary Ruskin, executive director of Commercial Alert says:
“Shame on Hasbro for hawking junk food and caffeine to children,” and “If Starbucks is going to keep its pledge not to market to children; it has to remove its brand from the new Monopoly game,”

Commercial Alert also states that Hasbro has de-valued Monopoly by making such move. (Link)

So serious meh? Like, everything also can protest one!

Calf with 5 legs born in China Shanxi

No, this is not like the calf in the east of Tucumcari. It's fifth leg can move freely and the baby is healthy. The farmer’s family was rejoice to have such a ‘freak’ amidst them. (Link)

Symbol of witch on a soldier's memorial plaque in U.S

It was previous refused by the U.S Department of Veterans. I believe that they make a review and finally approve the display of the sign. (Link)

There are nations who did no review, once they banned something, they banned it forever, like it is the absolutely truth. Unless, off course, you can pay donate contribute maybe 1 million dollars, or contribute something significance there, am I right?

Mass blind date and matching party at Valadolid.

Miguel Angel Gomez, Mayor of Villafrechos, Spain, in view of the shrinking population in his small village, organize a blind date banquet for his fellow bachelors in August. Up to a thousand Single man and women, age 20 to 68, attended the mass orgy party. (Link)

Singapore, In view of our shrinking population, I suggest we should also hold a mass orgy, sorry! Mass blind date party.

Shocking pictures of Dried mermaid

If this is real, it would have shock the world, by the time this pictures reach the internet community. I believe it is fake, but it is so beautifully made that it just might become real, depends on whose hand it falls into.

Update: It is identified, Read about it in Boingboing, confirm a hoax

Ads of 12 naked female with 12 eggs, creativity or pornography?

I would say, since it is so pleasant to eyes, and quite a fresh idea, that this is an art. What about you? (Link)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wacky howto of the day: resist from becoming a blogger

Blogging is very addictive. It takes your mind off a normal productive routine. Hardcore blogger not only have a tendency to become a dissident, but also likely to develop a only-me attitude, which thinks that the whole world own them a living. They also believe that their view point is absolutely correct, and sees the world from a negative angle.

Hell! What’s wrong with you guys?

Listen to me, DO NOT start to blog, read this:
How to Dissuade Yourself from Becoming a Blogger?

Pinang tree that sprouted human like face

Malaysia, Kampung Paya, a Betel tree that grows for 10 years recently also grows something extra. A human like face emerges from the pinang tree attracts thousands of people to view the usual phenomenon. No, the face doesn’t resemble any saint or sage, and yes, they say the face changes everyday, so, who knows… (Link) source from NST.

The locals call it ghost tree.

Beijing farmer, uneducated, get popular with building 27 useful robots

吴玉录 is a simple farmer who never finished his primary school education in China. He spends about 30 years of his life inventing and building robots which he deem helpful. The robot you see in the photo is his number 25th; she can pull a trolley with Mr Hu on board and says: “He is my Father; I am taking him for a stroll.” Interesting! (Link) and (Link) <Thanks! Christy>

Many reporters and journalists are interviewing him and looking at his work now.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What are we expecting from the IMF delegates?

Sure, when the IMF delegates come they bring revenue, but there is more to this. Do you know what are the local night clubs and Geylang districts turtle head doing? They are, in one word, looking for sacrificial lamb.

Oh boy! I hope the delegates don’t leave something nasty behind, like HIV, VD or babies.......

Another beautiful body art

I don't understand, how can one see such an pretty art with a lustful mind? This type extremely gorgeous painting is getting more popular, no sooner I think it will become one of main stream art. The combination of female body and Chinese painting, nice! (Link)

Off course, The model must be a volunteer.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bullshit Uncyclopedia for musing

Came across this articles in Wikipedia. Wow! Now then I know there is a Uncyclopedia. There are a lot of freeking articles for laugh leh! Go ahead and read about Singapore, meanwhile, add your own Singapore fantasy story to the entry.

If Singapore really like that hor, life would be more interesting.