Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fake Terminator movie’s comment on IMDB

The Terminators“The Terminators” is such a crap movie; I even give the producer credit for his courage to showcase it. I totally agree with the comment on IMDB,

“Every Teletubbie serial has more class and intelligence. It would make sense for a full drunken audience, but even filled with four bottles of wine I for myself would rather prefer to view a George Bush honor feature.”

The Terminators

Guitar and piano toilet sit for the musical geek

Musical toilet sit2 toilet sits design for those who want to do something a little more interesting than focus on finishing the job, go get it. $169 for your to extend your musical senses, not cheap.

Jamin’s Johns via Gizmodiva - Jammin’ Jones Toilet Seats for a musical experience.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Adorable robot floor cleaner

Video above shows a robot slug by Nanofiber di Teijin Ltd which double up as a pillow(kidding). It’s gracious movement and gentle outlook may be mistaken for a robot pet.

BotJunkie - Fukitorimushi Floor Cleaning Robot

How to feel miserable and end your life early

Ali Hale from Dumb Little Man has 10 great ways for you who felt that your life is too blessed. Here are the points,

Turn every little problem into disaster
Don’t solve them
Worry about things you have absolutely no power over
Let your problem pile up
Blame on everyone and everything
Torture yourself
Complain, whine and grumble
Refuse all help
Find excuses, don’t fight your laziness
Never take a break

I would like to add few more points. You can drink every night, sleep late, eat as much as you like and stop exercising. If you are still living after couple of years, buy yourself a can of insecticide.

DumbLittleMan10 Ways to Make Yourself Miserable

Historical figure without face hair

Osama bin LadenHere is an imaginary picture of Osama bin Laden without his beard, and more at English Russia.(Link)