Thursday, October 22, 2009

Temptations of Popular Culture in Singapore

I was tempted to click on that torrent with 12663 seeds when I learn that I could enjoy this just released movie on my PC in an hour. But alas! downloading something with commercial value is an infringement of right of the original owner. I refrain.

Ever since some toilet cleaner in Takashimaya told me about Sougou(搜狗), I spent countless and countless of hour searching for my favorite MP3... only to listen to them a few times, and delete. You know. Even sharing MP3 you bought with friend via Bluetooth is also not permitted.

I don't go anymore. After Singapore Gahmen banned Internet Radio. Sorry, is regulated. I am careful not to turn on HaoTing(好听) too loud, or it could becomes a form of sharing. Sharing is not appropriate, even if it is your belief.

I am also very careful with that what they called Pod Cast. It is also, political or not, a form of Internet radio. The gahmen regulates it, we stay clear of it. It is the golden rule of Singaporean.

Some football-craze friends told me to forget about pay-TV. I can catch EPL via PPStream. I thanks my ancestor for giving me a sport-less gene, I am inmune to all sport related event. All I have to do is resist tons of latest exciting Hong Kong drama available on PPStream, I should be fine.

Going Internet regularly is not sinful. It is where you go there for.

Recently another tattoo parlor open up nearby. Very nearby. I would have gotten one if not for my time in the arm forces. You see, unlike America, a simple artistic drawing on any part of your body will get you hendakaki. Which means you past time until your ORD. I always think that elite soldiers should have some kind of gallant mark on their body. Too bad.

Tattoo shop is sprouting like mushroom everywhere now. I guess they are here to stay.

You know about those hanky-panky massage shops, those kind that they use betel nut beauty from China to hand brochure to you whenever you pass by? They are almost gone now. In preservation of Singapore's long standing conservative image, sex toy shop is allow instead. At least I still can tell my children that they are toys. Adult toys. No big deal.

After I wrote this piece, I will watch Ben10 Alien Force season 4 original DVD with my 2 boys. That is all I can afford now. At least before I strike Toto acquired from that popular spot, and before the casino is build.

I will be saving my soul for it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009