Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Secret weapon on world war tank?

Secret weapon on sherman tankGrayscale photo of a Sherman tank crossing bridge, there is peculiar equipment which protruding from the turret. It looks like radar of some kind. Who can spot the catch here?

Thousand years Ginseng octopus demon

Thousand years Ginseng octopus demonLook like I can ‘dun’ it for four hours, gobble it to gain my spiritual level for 100 years. (Link) 千年人篸八爪鱼怪,抓来镦汤喝,增加百年道行。

Japanese restaurant that builds atop tree

Japan Tree HouseTower like a cypress devil at night, I imagine this eating house could attracts view from passerby alike. I wonder the tree of the tree house is real or not? (Link)