Thursday, October 02, 2008

Most pervert thing I done (SFW)

He holds his up xxx against my chin; I put my hands around them. I am smiling while he got @#$% below. We enjoyed the game, but this is THE most obscene picture I ever had.

Sorry guys, you have not seen anything yet.

Thanks guys, for pointing this out... this is going to be the last.

Buy unique robot made out of recycle trash

NerdbotNerdbots, by Nicholas and Angela, is selling robot made out of everything we thrown away. It is creative as well as eco-friendly. I have no idea what half of them are made of, but everyone is one of its kind. Pull along your virtually cart. (Link) via Drawn!

Underwater power turbine – future green energy

Green tidal power plantScottishPower, plans to install two big fan under British water. It is purport that they can generate 60MW of clean power for 40,000 homes. With merely 2 of them, I say this is already a great humane achievement. (Link) Timesonline, green tidal power. Credit goes my US friend, David, Thanks.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pre Hari Raya song - I love you

Here, Monty Python song of peace for you, not because I am more powerful, experience, or educated than you. (Video) Youtube, I love Chinese.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Asking Singaporean – Who seen or played with (Hg(SCN)2) before?

Here is video of mercury II thiocyanide, which produces toxic gas and monster like tentacle when it is ignite. I remember playing with it at childhood, but cannot recall Singapore banning it. Who has info about this?

(Video) Mercury II Thiocyanide, Youtube,

Monday, September 29, 2008

Go to hell with your lousy MMORPG

Machinima again. Only this time it tells you why you cannot rely on your online game friends. Never trust what they say either. Between the line,

“No one cares about you, uneducated faggot!”

(Video) Pregame lobby lol 5, Youtube, win liao!

Singapore middle class

I like this. “The fundamentals of the economy have to be measured by whether or not the middle class is getting a fair shake..”

I come to think of this. Who are those top classes in Singapore? Is it determined by your earning, your education or your social status?

I know. It is who your parent is? Wasn’t it?

(Video) Youtube, Obama is winning…

Most powerful Global warming video

Here is a short Youtube video that signals striking messages to those who watch it. I was in trance watching the first 10 seconds; how the monkey lip shivers, and watching it’s barren World. He made his mind. (Video) Youtube.. via Fubiz.

GTA 4 impossible tricks on Youtube

Machinima has a video that teaches you to do some cool, and if not, perilous stunts in the most violent game of the year which is not possible in real life. Few of them are how to jump from helicopter and stay alive, fly in the explosion of gas tank. I love this the most, how to ride like Trinity. (Video) via Machinima. NSFS.. school, that is.

US new XM25, USD25 is still cheap for a human life

XM25USD30K, 10 KG, enhance accuracy and air burst technology. America has developed prototype of the next generation rifle. First XM25 is schedule for testing next month. (Link) Via DefenceTech, the Wiki’s here.