Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine with an Angel

I would do anything to date an Angel as pure as this. Regard her with utmost sincerity, respect and you will win true love. Never mind that guardian beside her, he just wants attention.

Valentine nite out @ ShinYeh

Shin YehThis was an ad hoc event. You should know that one cannot turn down an invitation from his only love, especially during this day of the year.

I suggested Shin Yeh. Which later turn out to be an excellent choice.

I have to praise the crews there; they operate as efficient as CIA agent, with every one of them carries an earphone, a good practice I never seen elsewhere.

I heard that it is most difficult to prepare common food. Shin Yeh makes them like home cook and yet with a delicate taste. We almost felt that the chef know what we like. For a long time we have never enjoy our meal so slowly. We don’t feel like we are at the most thriving part of town. Serving staffs there are polite and ready to serve, soft spoken with sincere smile; it almost makes me felt uncomfortable with my dress. It is more than a pleasure to dine there.

And, oh yeah, good wine.

Google says, Humanity is beyond hope, and funny

Via Gizmodo, list of people who Google for the world to end, hilarious…


256,000,000: I want to die
528,000: Why do indians smell.
883,000,000: Why do I have no friends
8,380,000: Why men lie.
19,100,000: Why Obama should not be president
42,300: Why Luke Skywalker is an idiot
338,000: I have a big bag of crabs here

My favorite!

1,060,000: Sex is for making babies and revenge…

(Link)Gizmodo, Google Proves Humanity Is Sick and Sad, Yet Absolutely Hilarious

Google is sick!

Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders’ film about the Quran (English).

Fitna is a 16 minutes video that tells and attempt to explain the relationship between Quran and terrorism. It starts by Surah 8, Verse 60, “Prepare for them whatever force and cavalry ye are able of gathering, to strike terror, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies, of Allah and your enemies…”

Follow by escalating scene on terrorism, their doctrine and events. This is not a footage I will recommend to the faint hearted. It is propaganda content at it’s extreme.

(Video)Google Video, Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders’ film about the Quran (English).

You be the judge. I regret that I cannot explain this movie properly.

Update: In response to the above 'Anti-Islam' theme, another movie was made in less than a day. Watch 'Schism (The Bible version of Fitna)'

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A game where you win when no one else is playing

4 Minutes, 33 seconds of Uniqueness4 Minutes, 33 seconds of Uniqueness is a one of a kind game, you can only win this game when it checked that no body is playing the same game through the Internet. The game only lasted 4 minutes and 33 seconds, endure and pray is all you need to do.

(Link)Kloonigames, 4 Minutes, 33 seconds of Uniqueness. Via Auntie Pixelante.

A song fits for recession

What to love a job where you face sh#t everyday, 10 hours a day, 6 days a week?

(MTV)Andy Lau, 馬桶

Photos of Meiji Era Japan

Photo of Meiji Era Japan
Uploaded by Okinawa Soba, tons of artistic pictures include beautiful scenery, sarcastic notes, and half naked Geisha. Please refrain from clicking the link if the first picture already offends you.

(Link)Flickr, vintage photos of Meiji Era Japan(NSFW!)

Zdic, Internet best Chinese dictionary, goes mobile

ZdicI blogged about this quite sometime back, since then, Zdic has grown. Now you can use this versatile Chinese dictionary on your mobile and palm. Just point your URL to

Zdic is a online Chinese dictionary which packs 70 thousand Chinese words, with explicit explanation for each word, their origin and history. It also tells you the different style of each word. You cannot find another better online Chinese Dictionary.

(Link)Zdic, now mobile.

Previously on 南洋之子, Kick-ass online Chinese Dictionary.

Amazing stunts by artist at Madrid’s Atocha train station

Magic at Madrid’s Atocha train stationArtist cum street performer Johan Lorbeer pull this magical trick while waiting for the train. Brilliant!

(Link)The Sun UK, Artist hangs around for train

Bermuda Shorts looks like meat

Bermuda Meat ShortsThis is not edible, I assure you. It is use to cover your lower body part. Do not eat.

(Link)I New Idea, Meat Shorts. Via

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Upcoming DVD recommendation

Ponyo on the Cliff by the SeaI never miss his animation, and always intrigued by his vast and profound imagination.

(Link)Hayao Miyazaki, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, (With spoiler!)

(Video)Youtube, trailer.

Art I like

Art I LikeI am moving soon. This is the kind of stuff I want to hang in my bed room.

(Link)Sculptor, Kristina Lewis

Porn star politician is better than a stupid or corrupted one

Porn Star PoliticianStormy Daniels, in picture, an American pornographic actress, screenwriter, and director, is bidding for a Senate seat in her home state. You may say this can only happen in US, but I beg to differ! They are just a party of masquerade, the fallen, the high born, the heartless.. etc. Same.

(Link)Operation: Senatorial Stormy,

(Management) How to manage geeks

How to manage GeeksGeek, in my opinion, is the single most difficult person for management. They are usually smarter, more creative than you, and they hate politic. Fret not, WikiHow has this for you today.

(Link)WikiHow, How to manage geeks.

We prosecute the corrupt, not the fool

I remembered receiving slashes and hard time from my mum when accidently over spent my allowance for the week during school days. I record every single cent spent on a note book to show to mum.

Mum is not around this time,

“Temasek’s portfolio was worth 127 billion Singapore dollars( $85 billion) at the end of November, down 31 percent from the end of March.”

31 percent of 127 billion equal to 60 billion, right? Wow, few hundred billion times of my allowance. I wonder what will mum say about this.

(Link)NYT, Temasek Holdings Loses 31 Percent of Portfolio.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Calgary develops sexual program for senior aged 65

Concerned about sexually transmitted infections among seniors, a sexual health centre in Calgary is going to develop a program called ‘Seniors A GoGo’ to open talks about safe sex and sexuality. Co-owner Susan Naylen says,

“…We bring the fun, the play. We carry things in the store, like furniture designed to make sex better [for people] with mobility issue."

I am really interested in taking a look at those ‘furniture’.

According to AIDS Calgary, among HIV infected, 20% were seniors, age 51 and above. Here is the not so funny news(Link).

Wikileaks Publishes 6000 plus sensitive US Congressional Research Service Reports

These reports, suppose to be private research document written by member of Congress and their staffs. Legal to publish, it is estimate to worth one billion US dollar. Among the reports,

- CRS: "Fair Use" on the Internet: Copyright's Reproduction and Public Display Rights, January 16, 2004
- CRS: "In God We Trust" on the Nation's Coins and Currency and as the National Motto: History and Constitutionality, July 10, 1996
- CRS: An Emergency Communications Safety Net: Integrating 911 and Other Services, August 25, 2008
- CRS: "Sensitive But Unclassified" Information and Other Controls: Policy and Options for Scientific and Technical Information, December 29, 2006

All of them here(Link), via NetWorkWorld, Wikileaks, Congressional Research Service Reports. 6780 of them.

How to tell a gamer with their tie

Retro Game TieAmazon, via CraziestGadgets. You report for work with sleepy eye and cranky mood, you co-worker can tell what you did last night. (Link)

Real life health potion and mana

Real Life potionVia GameOver, real life health potion for RPG lover. Caffeinated. (Link)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Dalai Lama joined Twitter a day ago

Dalai Lama on TwitterHis Holiness Dalai Lama just joined Twitter and already got more than 13 thousand followers. Not really, but we can wait for a real word from him.

(Link) Dalai Lama on Twitter.