Thursday, March 20, 2008

America politic campaign summarize in gif file

A short animated gif file summarizes the whole of America Election war, I have never seen any thing like this before, person who did this is a genius. You can now forget about whats happening in America Election, just watch this animation to get a full story of the campaign. (Link) Play Comet again, who cares where this gif originated from!

Update: Found the flash version, this time with Pokemon Sound effect~ (Link)

Predator head make with Lego pieces

Play Comet has numerous Lego set photos that make me rethink investment on those thingies for my kids again. Picture seen here is my favorite. They also have Lego movie moment, USS Harry S Truman, Carrier Air-con includes compressor inside, Iraq warrior with AK47, Mario brothers and the Beatles. (Link) What else you cannot make with Lego?

Oh, and those funny pictures on the site.

PCB board makes with imprinted image of HelloKitty

In this picture I got from Hello Kitty Hell you can see this cute little mascot on top right, which change the way I will look at circuit board forever. (Link)

HKH says,

“Now, not only do I have to worry about Hello Kitty being on the outside of my computer, she’s secretly Hello Kittifying the parts within as well. The worst part is that it won’t end here. I took one look at this and thought, “you know, it’s just a matter of time that computer motherboards are all made in pink with Hello Kitty’s face across them”

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Will Yahoo become Internet history?

Yahoo AnswersThose who are still using Yahoo mail take heart. I got insider information that Yahoo is going down. I google around and stumble upon Emerald who asked a good question five days ago. Someone please answer her. I heard many resigned from the company in Singapore, and Yahoo Singapore have difficulties solving bugs that surface without adequate manpower.

I also did not ask around for expert opinion, it is most likely confirmed.

(Link) Why is Yahoo always going down?

lostin Howto: self defense itaser

This is my choice of how to for this week. According to the explanation of Household Hacker, it can be done not only on ipod, but all mp3 players. Which sparks interesting questions; it can also be use for criminal purposes. This is a controversial method. (Video) Youtube via Household Hacker

Digital curtain

So you can wake up and feel like living in matrix. (Link)

Previous digital accessory for geek. (Link) They are perfect match.

Robot snake makes ultimate secret agent

This robosnake invented by some Russian student is beyond description with my English vocabulary level. It moves forward, backward, sideway with amusing break-dance action. My opinion it makes an entertaining toy for kids as well as a near perfect espionage/exploration tool.

(Link) to EnglishRussia post, (Link) to original site.

I love their choice of music for the demonstration.

Rule the world with one dark language

I have a short meeting with CP a while ago. We discuss about some world’s views, highlight of our collective view points,

Man did not lived together in harmony just because they speak the same language, wars like American civil war, Vietnam war, China civil war, etc, they fought each other for ideology. They speak the same language.

I do not have to speak your language to understand you, neither do you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scary Spokeo reveals all your online activities

I signup Spokeo today, and I want to tell you. It is my most horrific online experience ever. This social networking site can find whatever online “friends” you have and show you every darn thing they did, even they have only contacted you once.

Let say, you apply for a job, and make the greatest mistake by giving your only webmail to a company. Now your blog, Web 2 services; some forum you visited can now be view via Spokeo. It is like a naked nightmare.

This sure makes our law enforcer’s job a little easier.

I posted this screen shot of Singapore most famous blogger, Mr Brown’s twitter usage, whom I now know a little more about him via Spokeo. No harm meant.

There is no place for me to hide liao.


Singapore unhealthy healthy paper

狮城健康报I was approached by a boy during my supper last night. I bought his paper and found that he was primary two, studying at a nearby neighborhood school. The “狮城健康报”was good, but not so good if an 8 years old kid have to sell it in hawker center.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Animal rights group at Causeway Point

Acres is a NGO registered by Singaporean. I happened to be at their booth and flickered at their displays. According to a volunteer, thousand bears were confined within cages in China, Vietnam and Korea, a hole was drilled through their stomach so bile drips down to a 'harvesting' tray below. They are collected for traditional Chinese medicine.

Bears are left to their death, then cut into pieces and parts sold separately.

You have to make sure your bile cannot cure AIDS, or wish you are dead before they find out.

Link to Acres bear issue, link to NG news. Wiki page bear bile.

Attributes of Human

Kevin Kelly has this great piece about Humanity, in the article he talks about how modern technology and science had shape us and in time, also blurs our inner self. Is there a description for true human, where human rights is applicable only to a qualify one?

In his article he lays out his themes,

“The two basic topics which fascinate me are "What is reality?" and "What constitutes the authentic human being?" Over the twenty-seven years in which I have published novels and stories I have investigated these two interrelated topics over and over again. I consider them important topics. What are we? What is it which surrounds us, that we call the not-me, or the empirical or phenomenal world?”

You can read some of them in BoingBoing. The rest you should figure out soon. (Link)