Friday, February 22, 2008

Bat beer

Bat Man is a drunk and insaneI spotted this bottle cap while walking back home from MRT. Most of our life time we spent worrying about semi-important stuffs that makes us blind to thing that is closer. We didn’t drink but we are drunk most of the time.


Every night, there are different groups of foreign worker gather at our surrounding HDB void deck, they drink, chat, and left this behind.

Explosive was not created for war purposes

Rubber gunI like this, rubber that can mend itself. Imagine thick layer coated on tanks, war ship.. you get what I mean. Oh dear, I am encouraging people to built stronger weapon.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why do human believe in God?

Oxford University targets a few million pounds to conduct the above survey. I may also dedicate some time to do the same. I don’t have million dollars to spend, so my choice is Vizu.

See what the world thinks, without a single dime – Vizu. Provided your site gets enough hits, ironic...

News from Christian Today, (Link)

Upcoming movie on intelligent design

Ben Stein, many do not know who he was, including me till now, is making a movie that aims to urge our world about seriousness of ID, aka creatism. Clearly propaganda, I certainly hope it lands hard bunches. Hard to believe that human can be educated to see God, if they cannot feel it.

News from Scientific American, (Link)

Expelled site, (Link)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Youtube: Born to preach

I watch with amazement this 7 years old preacher shouting kingdom is coming at the street of New York. Samuel Boutwell, inspires by his father, too carry Bible and shouts phrases to everyone there. In his heart, kingdom of heaven is already here. (Video)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I need a senior citizen ez-link card

Everyone talks about market is opening up so I look for better opportunity. I called an employment agency, who posted an IT job in Straits Times today,
First question she asks,
“How old are you?”


“Sorry, our client is not looking for “senior” worker. Thanks for calling.”

Ah, I later found out that her client is a “Chinese” bank. I feel sorry for still being a diploma holder at 40, I am even more sorry for those ‘senior’ job seekers.

“You can stop wasting your time.” She further said.

Time to consider early retirement, huh. @#$%.