Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sunbath Day: 50% Brightness

SunBathPost ND Sunbath. Today Mr Tan's family is our special guest. The exchange of friendship is even warmer than the sun. Thanks for being there for us.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Famous comic TinTin may face racism challenge from a Congolese in Belgium

TinTin Black and WhiteVia Reuter UK, a Congolese student, Mbutu Mondondo Bienvenu, who lives in Brussels, says,

"I want to put an end to sales of this cartoon book in shops, both for children and for adults. It's racist and it is filled with colonial-era propaganda,"

Now, I don’t even know TinTin, but many comics are considered racist in my view point. Especially Japanese comics, many a time they portrait Japanese is de number one superior race on Earth. For any comic books author to draw or think whatever they want, I concurred. Racist? Propaganda? As long as it is pop

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

lostin poem - Life Recorder

For those who miss my Chinese poem on my other blog, I am going to slowly move them here, this time with comment from the writer (me) himself. Feel free to criticize.





-- 庭中

Sometime you feel like someone is watching you, telling you not to do this, not to do that. The voice tell you the right from the wrong, it is a kind of warm feeling, deep from within your heart, closer than your parent.

Pictures of Humanity

True leader burns themselves to light the way for othersMaybe you have seen these, maybe not. Just go there and look at those photos that make your pathetic quarrel with thy brothers nothing more than a breeze. How much money is needed to buy a day of peace between you and me? (Link) via Pinguy

You truly want to be a leader? Would you do this yourself? Or send your fellow brothers instead?

Thai police punished by wearing Hello Kitty hand band all day

Thai police office with Hello Kitty hand bandThis is in fact true. Any officer who is late, park wrongly will get to wear this cute little pink icon on their arm. Try to spot any patrol officer on Thailand street with this, and please, refrain from laughing. BangKok post via Hello Kitty Hell. (Link) Now I begin to believe Hello Kitty is dominating the world, lol.

Any proposal for Singapore officer?