Friday, August 10, 2007

Famous comic TinTin may face racism challenge from a Congolese in Belgium

TinTin Black and WhiteVia Reuter UK, a Congolese student, Mbutu Mondondo Bienvenu, who lives in Brussels, says,

"I want to put an end to sales of this cartoon book in shops, both for children and for adults. It's racist and it is filled with colonial-era propaganda,"

Now, I don’t even know TinTin, but many comics are considered racist in my view point. Especially Japanese comics, many a time they portrait Japanese is de number one superior race on Earth. For any comic books author to draw or think whatever they want, I concurred. Racist? Propaganda? As long as it is pop

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Back2Nature said...

Talking about racist... is thinking that different races are better in different ways racist? Or must we accept the belief that all races are the same? Hmmm, personally, being a Chinese, I think I'm a little racist towards Chinese :) probably because I am more familiar with the bad sides of my race.