Tuesday, March 09, 2010

What happen when we get older

Everyone gets younger once in a while. For me, I have to stay young most of the time. Literally. I mean, I try to be serious and all, and behave like an adult. But man, how can I?

Despite of all those unforgiving white hairs that start to crawl on my temple, my companions refuse to let me grow old.

We scribble on empty paper together, pretending to draw a better world, while trying to guess what the others try to express. We laugh at that ugly monster, we love it, and then we frame it up. It becomes the painting of the house, for that week.

There is no time for tiring affairs, as if we fear that the whole world would be gone in split seconds. Why would we waste time on other love when you know you already own it all.

They always are news of the day, there for you to immerse yourself into a kind of love that you wouldn't want to call it quit. And you know, no others can come between.

How to know such love exist, and last forever? When you wouldn't want another, and you wouldn't want to exchange it even for heaven.

It becomes so sad when you come to think about there is still so much to give, and wanted to give again. Every year we were refresh, knowing that there is another year to give. We ask to let us give, we want to.

You have only one family in a life time. Like life, there is no turning back. Make it count and worthwhile. We pray for your well being. Godspeed, for hope, for you all.

Monday, March 08, 2010




英文名“Bodyguards And Assassins"却马马虎虎。让人觉得不爽,好像是找不到好名,随便便阿猫阿狗的凑上了。敢情是觉得这部戏,反正洋人也看不懂。也不用多废唇舌,对牛谈琴。