Friday, September 12, 2008

Youtube terror username666

Here is a Youtube suppose horror video. A little scary, a little funny and all entertaining. (Video)

How to trap Trojan horse with few simple steps

Trap Trojan HorseThreat from the Web is getting nastier each day. Every week, you see hundred of Trojan appear while you are surfing, and I know how much you like to click that seems “interesting” link. I recently came across a method to capture them with ease; any IT profession should be able to rig it up. Here’s how,

1. Open a notepad and insert the below code

Dir C:\Windows\System32\*.exe > D:\trap\exelist.txt
Dir C:\Windows\System32\*.dll > D:\trap\dllist.txt

2. Create a folder ‘trap’ in D: and save above file as ‘list.cmd’ in it.

3. Open another notepad. This time insert below code.

Dir C:\Windows\System32\*.exe > D:\trap\exelist_1.txt
Dir C:\Windows\System32\*.dll > D:\trap\dllist_1.txt
Fc exelist.txt exelist_1.txt > exe.txt
Fc dllist.txt dllist_1.txt > dll.txt

4. Save as ’inspect.cmd’ in the same folder.

Run ‘list’ only once, this will capture all exe and dll file name to txt. Run ‘inspect’ after you suspect a Trojan aboard. Open the final exe.txt or dll.txt, you should see newly added exe or dll to your System32 folder. Usually, there should only be new exe or dll in System32 after ‘something’ is installed. There, you got it.

You, realize that this method can be nifty? Use your imagination.

Source: PC Station HK, one of the best IT magazines I ever read.

70% of Singaporean is racist

Are you one of them? It may be well hidden in your subconscious. Look deep into their eyes, they knew. (Video)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All things Singapore – our very own Strategy card game

董卓Singapore entrepreneur, TC Chong, whom I met during an event gathering, told me, Generals Order was inspired by Romance of the three kingdoms, but not limited to it. I immediately got hook. I have seen the game play and was quite intrigue by it. It is one of the best creative products we have locally.

So, if you are like me, enjoy card game and want to support Singapore home made product, visit them.

(Link) to GeneralsOrder by Strategy Entertainment.

What you see here is DongZhuo – Tyrant of the three kingdoms, art work in the second expansion, also done by local talent. 

Update: I just got the below art work from the producer, original and un-publish yet.

Future Marriage: Genetic matching

Genetic MatchingThis is even weirder than our Chinese 对八字. A group of Scientist in believes they can use genetic profiling to find you a perfect spouse. The matching, it is said, will not only find you a partner who is compatible in character, but also guarantee your descendant.

Tamara Brown, managing director of GenePartner says,

"Proper age, similar life goals and ideas, education levels -- all of these things have to fit. And on top of that, you need to be biologically compatible,"

Biologically Compatibility, looks like we can skip love all together, just submit our profile for matching.

(Link) to Wired Blog, Looking for Love In All the Right Alleles.

Speak good engrish in Hong kong

I usually don’t laugh at other language ability, but this is exceptionally (hilarious) case. (Video) via Youtube

Monday, September 08, 2008

Rant on Singapore new Army uniform

Er.. This is very cool look leh, plus it is harder to detect in Asia forest. A friend points out that it resembles German Flecktarn. O! Heil Hitler!

The super good material interests me too. Gore-Tex, gore-tex, hmm… sounds like some female product, doesn’t it? Just beautiful...

Inflatable military camouflage

Inflatable military camouflageI wonder how many of these are used during the last few World War, but these are nifty. Although they are totally useless at modern warfare, imagine you pick one of this up via Google earth in my backyard. (Link) via EnglishRussia