Friday, September 28, 2007

Naked anorexia ads and its messages in Italy

Naked anorexia Oliviero Toscani’s anti-anorexia photos was all over there now, his messages is clear as well as his photos strike deep into the heart of many women(爱美不要命), these are as good as our local cancer images on cigarette packs. (Link) news of these controversial photos is all over now.

@#$% like natural mushroom

Photo via English Russia, a truly true germ from far north.
Penis like MushroomWife watches with wide open eyes and comment, we probably cut the front part and eat it, what a wicked mother nature we have. (Link)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

China student invented machine that extract water from air

water machine in ChinaKim(金国勇)’s condensate machine, inspired during dough, extracts about 2 liter of water in 24 hours. This machine, although in its preliminary form, already got patent and research is underway, intriguing, can’t wait. (Link)

Update: got it, similar technology from Europe, The Max Water

Update: Similar tech in Singapore, China is not the first. (Link) Thanks, fergus.

Alternative kind of conscription possible for JW in Korea

Clouds resemble the divided land I took with my N80 yesterday, by coincidence, laughable vision.
South Korea may provide a very different kind of national service for arms refusing, blood sacred Jehovah Witnesses, in the Herald Tribune, they said,

"This is not to recognize the right to refuse the military duty but to permit an alternative service as part of social service on the premise of public consensus,"

If it works, South Korea will be the first. I can almost see it sparks concern in other nations, like for example, Singapore. Maybe all JW would like to migrate there.

(Link) to the Tribune news

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Double your pay and half your weight with mathematic

Increase your salary with algebraicToday wikihow teaches you this self delude calculation, aim to amuse one self and have some laugh. Try it.

3a = 3b
11a = 11b
3a2 = 3ab
11ab = 11b2
3a2 - 11ab = 3ab - 11b2
3a2 - 3ab = 11ab - 11b2
3a2 - 3ab + ab - b2 = 12ab - 12b2
3a(a-b) + b(a-b) = 12b(a-b)
3a + b = 12b
3a = 11b
3b = 11b
3 = 11

(Link) Not so easy hor, like real life.