Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Alternative kind of conscription possible for JW in Korea

Clouds resemble the divided land I took with my N80 yesterday, by coincidence, laughable vision.
South Korea may provide a very different kind of national service for arms refusing, blood sacred Jehovah Witnesses, in the Herald Tribune, they said,

"This is not to recognize the right to refuse the military duty but to permit an alternative service as part of social service on the premise of public consensus,"

If it works, South Korea will be the first. I can almost see it sparks concern in other nations, like for example, Singapore. Maybe all JW would like to migrate there.

(Link) to the Tribune news


Back2Nature said...

If not to hold weapons is to secure their passage into Heaven, then I wonder if this motivation is a selfish one. Hmmm... ok.. I sort of consider most "religious" people to be selfish.

TZ said...

I hope you mean they were...