Friday, February 15, 2008

Born in the year of cat

Rabbir yearWhile doing research for my project, I discover an interesting fact about Chinese Zodiac. The twelve zodiac sign of Vietnam includes cat and exempted rabbit. They even have a whole new character attribute for people who is born that year there. It means what, that if I am born as rabbit, I’ll become cat in Vietnam, with totally different pre-destiny all together.

They are not compatible with cock, no bull shit, I tell ya. (Link)

All we lack is “us”

Jesus T-shirtThis is a T-shirt I got for CNY. My elder son point out to me, if we add an “u” and “s”, it form the word Jesus, the Christ, the anointed one.

Now, where can I find them?

Chopstick gadget for beginner

Chopstick gadgetI discovered this nifty small gadget in Metro during CNY. Too bad it comes in a whole set, plus bowl and spoon, which are redundant. I only need that obedient little boy who will carry out my every command and bring me result. The rest are just 碍手碍脚.

Rotten within

Before CNY, friend of mine gave this and wish me a happy festival. I already decided to throw them as I can see “corruption” started within. I did not say anything, but wish them good luck.

I’ll share this post CNY Chinese idiom,


Singapore winged color wolf

Winged WolfI remembered I did blog about a wolf in TTS. This is by my conscience not meant to be a judgment. I just wanted to question secular education system.

I am comfortable around straight man, but I don’t feel safe in the air with knowledge of someone on the wheel is fantasizing about naked women.

What about you?

Singapore SIA pilot caught having pornographies on his laptop.