Friday, February 15, 2008

Singapore winged color wolf

Winged WolfI remembered I did blog about a wolf in TTS. This is by my conscience not meant to be a judgment. I just wanted to question secular education system.

I am comfortable around straight man, but I don’t feel safe in the air with knowledge of someone on the wheel is fantasizing about naked women.

What about you?

Singapore SIA pilot caught having pornographies on his laptop.


Brandon said...

is it ok if i show the winged wolf pik on my youtube as a back ground? the user name is zero07king no spaces

TZ said...

Hi Brandon. It is ok. It is not mine. :). Thanks for popping by.

Anonymous said...

Actually it is not okay. You have to ask as it is their picture. Lostin has no authorisation to use or permit use of the image.

Anonymous said...

why are you ripping on this guy?!?!?! He didn't know!