Friday, December 16, 2005

Ruth 7th day - first tears

Tonight picture is for Will, for he has endure a great deal since Ruth arrived.
And also the sharper picture I have had for him in digital format, no place to keep so put it online.

Ruth's tear gland has also started to mature, soon we will be able to see her happy tear.

Tired week...

WindowsXP-KB905915-x86-ENU headache!

Whole day couldn't figure out how to push it in network ah!!
Pstools didn't work! command line didn't work!
Even running it on local machine cmd line also didn't work!

More kopi would work or not?

Didn't expect Microsoft patches to be so hard to implement in network, better send email to all user and teach them how to turn on automatic update faster.

ice-cream creator are one of the greatest in the world

William is having a postnatal blue instead of our great Mummy whop took care of 3.
We got him 2 dozens of delight from the mobile guerilla infantry, who aim just want to earn some coins during holiday.

He said: "Yum! yum!" and calm down for that night, we also calm down.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ruth day 6 - What we give to the world

I saw her smile and grap my camera phone and waited and waited,
How difficult it is to get a baby to smile, you know?
I hold still my phone for 15 minutes and never got it.

So I give this to the world. Hope is worth it.

funny recreation sign or not?

I guess this sign are not safe to put at home.
Suppose to be spelunking, but you are the self proclaim super smart and sharp eyes internet user, you tell me.

As I say before, Internet is very dirty.

Who got to go this time?

This morning at the Straits Times:
"Our key is to upgrade and restructure.... if we stay put, growth will strink..."
Sound familiar leh! but this type of cruel thing hor, better you than me.
So.. Start gerrymandering, draw line, ball-lick-ticking, whatever! just make sure the one besides you go down first.

Or.. better still, volunteer, they sure give you a pladge.


Earl Grey!
I need this for my really bad morning, auntie know my heart.
Hard to find, Thank-you hor!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ruth day 5 - Only the pure hearted shall meet the lord

Actually is, Mummy! why my shirt so o-biang!
No matter how you dress, no matter how you sound, the path lay ahead of you, we will go through together.

Can we get this before our election?

lostin wants to ride the wave of Boingboing, and post this also for fun.
Many pple say that before GE come, anything also boleh!
House upgrade lah! red packet lah! Simi bun a seh!

you think only hor! lostin tomorrow buy a pack of chewing gum for my kids and ask them start spitting evywhere see how?

Our gahmen very gd at blacklisting pple one, even 30 years ago names they also keep track, no need review and update one. Once you are ban, you are ban forever.

Encyclopedia Sex-

Wiki Sex-, is better that you children find this first.
23 years later I will be a Sexagenarian.
Is Sexdactyly rare? I've seen 2 in my life time. I am not born in Sextilis, but in Maius.

More sex- entry? As I say, is better for your chilredn to find this first.

Peggy Ruth Carpenter - Morning Joy

Good morning!
Absolutely charming and beautiful!
When you are happy, even the most ordinary thing also become pretty.

Human ha!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ruth day 4 - Hold my finger

I thought I just keep updating
Somehow you never get tired with baby.
Especially your first son or daughter, and no matter what angle you took the picture from and what lousy camera you use to take the picture.

They are always cute.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Ruth day 3 - Look into my eyes

This is the kind of feeling that cannot be describe.
Somehow, we seem to know each other, like the long lost memory from the ancient.
Somehow, this kind of look will only attract true love, and beyond it, undescibable.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ruth day 2 - Mummy near me

She started to notice now she sleep alone at night oredy!
So, she refuses and wanted to be carry all the time.
Whenever you put her down, she will call out.

I know, you wanted to be near Mummy.