Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sunbath day – Sky High

How can your family float together to 150 meters height in ?
Yes, we were there, the biggest balloon in the whole world – the DHL hot air balloon, I cannot tell you how excited we were then, because of my phobia in height, this was actually a leap of faith for me.

The only one who didn’t enjoy was probably Ruth, she wonders why Mummy grasp on to her so tightly?

William ran around the carrier like a little bird, and after we landed, he said: “Papa, we come again, ok?”

What can I say? He has taken away my fear for height.

You can view more photos of my family taking the "flight" here.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Singapore is very eventful hor!

After I blog about the boardgamers meet up in Singapore yesterday, I realized that there are many Singapore enthusiasts posted their event there, real estate lah, cash flow lah, Singapore makeup lah, you name it, they have it. Among all the events, there are this two events that are particularly note worthy, The Singapore Elvish language meet up and THE TERROISTS meet up. (Link)

Calling all the Elves and JI members, what are you all waiting for? Haha!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Singapore board game enthusiasts get together

A group of board game fancier in is organizing an event at Holland Village, on 20th August 2006, Sunday, 2pm till 7pm. Gamers $5 plus unlimited drinks, Guests $8, limited to 40 applicants. (Link)

Many time I pass by gaming board gamer, I can’t help but stop to watch them playing.

Church claims "spiritually enlightened" by consuming marijuana

The Church of Cognizance, commonly known as pot church or marijuana church, has been secretly operating in US since 1991. It was not until recently, they claim that they practice their daily belief through eating marijuana. They put it in their milk. They smoked it.

Dan and Mary, the founder, claims that the Constitution should embrace them. (Link)

Why not? Wait until your has 2 million members than we talk.

Wikihow on stacking penny into a bridge

Wikihow today features a way that you can stack up those penny into a bridge. I find it quite practical to do in , because our 1 cent coin is obselete, so we might as well turn in into something decorative. Here we go. (Link)

Wrath of God?

Recently has series of disaster, one after another, there was a survey conducted inside the country. 78% who took the survey believes that this is some kind of a warning from Heaven, and there are even people who believe that it got something to do with the President of Indonesia, asking Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to step down.

Human, we like to blame the leader.

Freedom of religion act amended in Madhya Pradesh

The Hindi high authority of Madhya Pradesh passed a bill to amend the Act of freedom of 1968. From there onward, anyone who wish to convert their belief, particularly to or likewise, would have to give a full report to the authority, stating why he wishes to convert, where the church is and who “performs” the conversion.

Person who fails to do so is liable for legal action, meaning jail/fine

Madhya Pradesh Assembly says the bill is to ensure that no one is force into conversion against their free will.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Miss Indonesia is worst than pronography

85% 0f 220 million is how much? about 47 million? The powerful Indon Islam groups can protest and take legal action against this poor defenceless girl but cannot ban the Playboy Magazine? Bit me! (Link)

Cape Reptile Club on African python catcher

Cape Reptile Club is run by a group of herpetologist; aim to educate the public about and . A friend of mine send me a few of their catching pictures and I google it out, locate the source and read a bit about them. (Link)

A good site especially for lover.

Rarely seen white elegant bird

Male peacock, also known as peafowl, especially a white one, cannot be easily find anywhere. You can see one if you go to Barcelona Zoo. (Link)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Good book of thoughts for your children

The giving tree by Shel Silverstein, the book teaches self sacrifice and the virtue of giving, profound contents with simple words; get it from Borders book store at Wheellock. Not cheap.
Dear Raynor,
This may be the last good book we are able to provide for you, as you know; good books are both rare and expensive. Our expenses in this country continues to rise, soon our reliable MRT are going to have another price hike/adjustment, other than give up most of our own entertainment, we may not be able to buy this kind of good books for you in the future any more with our never increase “wages”.

Please forgive our short coming.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tribal dinner at Joo Chiat Place

30 minutes Q just to get a table, than another 60 minutes sit there waiting fot the black pepper crab to be serve. While we are enjoying our meal, the coffee shop corridor is fill with people, waiting to be sitted.

Thanks hor! brother, 好介绍, my family nearly melted in the process.

The black pepper crab there was is the best I have had, ever.

Feel sorry for Burger King

Our usual lunch spot after Sunday service. I wonder will the service crew at BK curse and swear when they see my family approaching?

"Oh! Damn, is that family with no sense of cleaniness again!"

Sorry hor! Burger King.

Singaporean is obedient to our very bone

We, the citizen of Singapore, are law binding since we are born. You see, even the baby stroller we also never anyhow put. We parked, properly.