Friday, January 26, 2007

Internet ΟΔΥΣΣΕΙΑ 5

Animated Screen
Make your own screen saver

Flying motorcycle

Undelete plus 2.1

Ultrasound images of unborn babies
Some great moment of being a parent

NeekProtect V 1.1
Encrypt your data, it is easy to use

A beer for dog blog
Dog lover, you gotta see this

XPize 4.6 Beta 1
Make you Win XP faster

Zeus Temple
Zeus followers may get a temple, finally

Audio/Video to Exe V 1.3

Golden Age of Human coming?
According to Mayan calender and Hinduism Prophecy

Unlocker 1.8.5
Delete even the undeletable

USA stamps of Super hero

RapGet 1.24
As well as flashget

MPlayer CVS-20050717
Super media player, codec free and take up very little resources :D

Side effect of Viagra on Iguana

Iguana on ViagraClick the link to see what happen when that color changing reptile wants a raise. After that don’t tell me that you don’t know they got two of those. (Link) musing!

I wonder what effect does it have on a sipder?

Astute chicken in Shenyang

Intelligent chickenA chicken own by a China resident can perform dozen of tricks, including calculation to 2 digits, recognizes cars, fruits, chess and some Human body parts. The chicken, name “乖乖” sleep with her owner and responses to request for kisses.

Madam Lee, the owner may apply for Guinness record, she discovers her talent first when she points to a coin dropped on the floor; indicate she wants it pick up, the chicken did it. That was five days after her purchase.

Poker chips of Christ

Chips of JesusSeller on Ebay claims that only hundred are made. (Link)

Antiquated maps of Holy Land

Ancient Map
More than thousand maps of archaic look, make you imagine how the Jewish way of live and, their culture. Some of them are so ancient that I once thought I am looking at some fake computer RPG game maps. These maps are so old that the original may not be on paper, possibly. (Link)

I wonder how many of the site still remain today?

Source: The Jewish National and University Library

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lord of Scientology

Christ of ScientologyThe church of Scientology has chosen their Messiah, is non other than this handsome and benevolent celebrity. I am sure many of you already know.

And hor, MSM preventing right click on his photo is just plain lame, you can find hundreds, if not thousand of his photo if you bother to Google.

Photos of awesome art painting on hands

Amazing hands paintingThese amazing art creation on hands blows my mind, every picture brings a wow in my mind, absolutely must take a look for art lover. (Link) via Digg

Church with playboy like logo preaches sexy messages

I am Turn OnI am turn is a Church with a sole purpose of preaching about Sex, God and you, I noted that they put sex in front of God first and somehow the blog site gives me a playboy mansion’s feeling. (Link) peculiar!

One of their Messages,
“The culture has lied to you. The church has lied to you. Who is going to tell you the truth about your sexual identity? “

Fellow Christian, would you care to attend their masses?

Flickr set of every ad in New York Times Square

New York Times Square's adsIronic Sans wonders, what it would look like to see every ad in Times Square all on one page. So a Flickr set of photos was born, It took him 20 minutes to shoot through all of them and put it up on Flickr. (Link)

EarthCam features Wisma Atria live cam

Wisma Atria live camGoto Earthcam and search for Singapore. Feel free to look at those passerbies. Make sure you are not spotted there when you are not supposed to. (Link)

Photos of East Java mud volcano

Click to enlargeNational University of Singapore has some satellite images of before and after the volcano erupted, I also Google and found the BBC news, the Flickr photos and the reports from Spiegel Magazine. Click on the link to view the gallery. (Link)

Click on image to view a larger version.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MTV of Barry “Smeagol” White

Barry Gollum WhiteThis Youtube music video mashup of famous soul singer and LOTR character is a hoot, except that Gollum is although not black, but very soulful, I like the look when he sing “I’ll do anything for you” (Video) musing!

Ugo Conti’s spider vessel

Spider CraftVia Defence Tech, prototype of a new kind of vessel, first of its kind. This craft reminds me of Jesus Bug. (Link) beautiful!

Italian criminal court rules in favor of file sharing

ItalyYou may want to consider moving to Italy after this ruling, as long as you are not making money, downloading and sharing of MP3, movie is considered ok there. So, now RIAA has no jurisdiction over Italy. Instead of migrating there, Can we render the service of the ISP there? (Link)

Kudos to Italy, take that! RIAA.

Rants about China fusion chamber

中国环流器二号AMany of you might not have a chance to look at a reaction chamber in our life time. This picture here is one of them, China has also breakthrough in nuclear fusion, their man made sun experiment has hit 5000 degree Celsius lately. China nuclear fusion project is still at their ignition state.

Clean and unlimited energy for all humanity for the next ten thousand years, would they share it? Or do we pay through our nose to get it?

China woman lives without external opening of rectum for 43 years!

Flower for you lunchThis is not meant to be funny, ok? I also would not start to talk about how she discharges her waste from the bowels. 吴梅 (not real name) has got an accident and torn hers at 7, she is now 50 and doctor recently reconnects her part back for her. This is an extremely rare case, and it is not a laughing matter.

(Link) to the Chinese news, read about it after lunch and don’t imagine. It is almost inhumane to live like this.

China’s public not happy with Korea new 10000 dollars note

渾天儀The newly launch Korea note, with an image of Armillary sphere, has stirs some unrest in China. The ancient celestial equipment, according to hostorian, was first invented by Zhang Heng in East Han Dynasty during 2nd century. By inserting this image to their note, Korea steals the glory of China invention.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Conspiracy theory against Christian in Burma

BurmaVery disturbing news I read, Secret document leaks details plot of the nation plan to wipe out Christian in the country. Is this news political driven? Or are there any secret agenda hidden within the move itself, I do not know and cannot verify… (Link)

Hokkien vulgar word on Wikipedia

幹你娘I think Wikipedia is the only Encyclopedia that allows such beautiful Hokkien letter to be recorded for the public. How much Jimmy Wales understand about this is beyond me, but surely this is the first, I’ve never come across English vulgar on Wiki yet. (Link)

Should be proud leh! Hokkien people, our language is notable enough to be on Wikipedia, go and add more before they all disappear.

Mexico drug legend gets very own shrine

Jesus MalverdeJesus Malverde, worships by drug traffickers around the World as Saint of crime, was given a shrine in northern Mexico to place his image. Other than having a wiki page, now he becomes a religious figure, worship and remembered by many for years to come.

So, I wonder can police wait outside the shrine to arrest those “cult” members?

Hail taxi in Singapore easier with makezine’s MiniPOV

MiniPOVThis little gadget from makezine enables you to gets the attention of taxi driver in Singapore, just input you chosen words and wave to on coming taxi. BTW, I just discover this local (I assume) make blog, going to explore it for a while, interesting. (Link)

Bizarre kids TV program in Hebrew from 1981

Tofi and GorillaWhat’s so funny were, the bikini chick and Satan gorilla, later Israelity also speculated that this program was perhaps made to entertain adults too, hence the chic, enjoy the belly dancing hor! (Link) via Israelity

Chio mobile phone protection

Duct Tape MP caseThis is not only beautiful, but rugged too, off course, you know I am not joking, ya. (Link)

Burmese workers in Singapore got double taxation

Burmese WorkersOne of the Burmese worker, Naing Moe Aung, estimated ten thousands of those fifty thousand Burmese workers paid double income tax, one to Singapore Government, and on e their own Embassy. They are organizing an email protest campaign.

Monday, January 22, 2007

New Yorkers make pillow fighting pro

Pillow FightBelieve it or not, the PFL (Pillow Fighting League) official debuts on Friday night and hundreds of locals are queuing up to fight like a real pillow fighter. The slogan “Fight like a Girl” start from a Canadian night club just last year, gaining popularity among New Yorker.

The rule, you are not allowed to scratch, gouge or pull each other’s hair.

24 hours computer malware movement on World map

Small.DAM movenment 24An Youtube video showing how Small.Dam the malware spread through email and other sources, the particular notes are, America was hit the hardest and be amaze how fast it travel to Far East and Asia. (Video)

Sapphire dagger

Sapphire KnifeThe handle is made of bone and the blade, hard jewel, not only it is almost indestructible, but also undetectable by many metal detector, *ahem* in the airport. (Link) via English Russia.

Wiccan sues Starbuck over religion discrimination

WiccaAlicia Hedum of Hillsboro claims that she was refuses to promotion and transfer after she rejects to remove her Wiccan necklace. Although such fuss is not uncommon in the World, many minorities usually receive special treatment any where they go. Minorities discrimination is human nature, we always look down on people lesser than us, no big deal. (Link)

Haven’t you seen how Indian was treated in a Chinese working environment? She is lucky she still gets to sue Stabuck, not in here; Singapore minorities usually just swallow their pride and keep going.

A site for music and songs lover

Via LifeHacker, a Youtube and Amazon combination, ZonTube finds many songs and whether you are a music craze or not, you’ll love it. (Link)

Illusional Einstein face follows you around the room

Hollow Einstein faceGrand Illusions Ltd has tons of magical toys that will break my wallet if I am not married, I especially like this plastic faces of Albert Einstein, which claims to follow you around a room, its good to have someone famous watching you all day, isn’t it? (Link)

Jesucristo Hombre the Entrepreneur

Jose Luis De Jesús MirandaJose Luis De Jesús Miranda, a self style wealthy man claims to be Christ second coming, he makes all his followers rich and in return, his fellow disciples rock the streets, burn religious scriptures and mock Christians. Watch the Youtube video about him here, or go direct to his site to worship him, if you understand the language, I assume he is a Spanish, Portugal or Mexican. (Link)

Wah piang! So many Messiah hor! Which one is real?

Mobile phone video of Sichuan’s riot

Sichuan riotStatus of Chinese people has a video footage, taken outside a 4 storey hotel, something is burning, you can see darkness and hear chaos. The violent was cause by group of dissidents, friends and relatives of a 16 years old girl who got raped. (Link) with video