Thursday, July 30, 2009

Controversial over 'leaked' Inkblots on Wikipedia

InkblotsSome standard images psychiatrist used to evaluate patient are on Wikipedia. NYT has a piece - Has Wikipedia Created a Rorschach Cheat Sheet? Guardian has a piece. This also anger many psychiatrist in the US. From Mind Hack,

"While the release of the ink blots onto the internet seems to have caused controversy among US psychologists, most European psychologists are likely to be rolling their eyes, as the test never caught on and is largely extinct."

But now we can all download and 'play' with it, you can also use this to 'evaluate' your friend. Go download them before someone from Wiki Admin decide that you have no right to those images.

Mind Hacks -Rorschach and awe

Wikipedia - Inkblots

Walking while swinging arms is not part of human evolution

Walking like clownI am not sure, but evolution theory said we inherited traits of ape, that's why we swing our arms forward when we are walking. Steven Collins, a biomechanical engineer at Delft University of Technology discovered, that this is a more efficient way of walking. Not only we cannot balance, but we will use up 25% more energy to walk without swinging our arms. Off course this make sense, or else we would have urge to pick up a cup with our leg from time to time.

Mystery solved – by Ministry of Silly Walks

Good news for those slim down wanna-be. Try walking while keeping your hand still. Tell me the result if nobody laugh at you.

Watch Snow White and the Witch in Teochew

Here is a cartoon video of the Snow White tempted by the evil queen to eat the apple, in Chinese dialect Teochew. Not only it reminds me of the event in Garden of Eden, but why is Snow White so naive and foolish, a mere un-proven promise of happiness from eating the fruit also can believe. Via

Finding the root of all Chinese

家谱 is a member of It attempts to record every Chinese surname on one site. Quite impressive now from the look of it. You can even build your own family tree there.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Photo of sun in the hand

I received a set of picture from a friend. Usually I treat it as spam. Not this one, this set of photo has a theme I like it very much. I save all of them and share one here. I don't know who took these pictures, if you find stumble upon, please tell me.

Sun in the hand- Thanks! Robert.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Disturbing picture that shook my day

This is a picture I got from National Geography. How can you not deeply care about the state of humanity after seeing this? I was badly shaken that day. But that was another story.