Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sunbath day - Harvesting ground

My whole family is here today, watching the whole world decline...........

Friday, June 16, 2006

Lady pirate from Hainan island

A beautiful lady approach lostin while he is on the way home.

“有啊,妳在卖吖?” Looking at the two big bags she is carrying.

Driven by curiosity, lostin followed her to a secure area.


Make a guess, lostin buy or didn't buy?

New system for bus interchange.

Recently, Singapore bus interchange has got a new queuing system. I think it’s called the handicap queue.
I like the idea very much.
The normal queue was mark by metal bar leading the pedestrian from one end to another without any deviation.

The handicap queue is better. Needy pedestrian will gather in groups just prior to the bus boarding area. When the bus arrived, the normal queue will proceed to board the bus first. However, the best part is here. Whenever pedestrian from the normal queue slacken by even a bit, the handicap queue takes over.

This is by far the best solution I see that the bus station implement to solve the already congested interchange.

But it is to ambiguous, I believe a sign can be hang on top of the area stating “Gather here, if you are old, pregnant, handicap or otherwise think that you are not able to take the normal queue.”

Further more, I think the station control could also draw a red box at the area.

Write this in the box: “Caution! This area is reserve for pedestrian with special needs.”

A bouncer can stand guard at the area to ensure that regulation is not violated.

Off course, if the bus station takes my suggestion seriously. They should hire me as their bus control consultant. Haha!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Most interesting time has yet to arrive

Ruth, like the others in my family, loves my singing. She responses with “Da, da, da!” whenever I hum. Wife comments that we make a great duet in the future.

Oh! Who needs a mistress when you got such a lover at home?

War ‘strolling’ with lostin at Bugis

Actually it was supposed to be war driving, but since I don’t drive, hence war stroll.

After I finished my shopping at Sim Lim, friend and I went to MacDonald for a quick bite. I wanted to inform wife about late coming home, so I take out my Nokia 6260.

Something peculiar appear on my MP, a sentence says: “Bugis Junction”. I enquiry this with the fast food manager but she have no idea.

We went over to the shopping mall area for a walk and the words changed to “Wisma Alsagoff” and then “Bugis Junction 1B”, quite powerful AP around this area.

I am curious and decide to test its limit, so OG we go.

While crossing the road the network change again, this time was “Bugis Village”. Ho, ho! There is no escape. Friend told me this could be use to track criminal carrying electronic gadget in the vicinity. I imagined there was some one sitting in front of a PC with a walkie talkie.

“Eagle one to fox two. Target lostin now at “OG Albert Complex”, proceed to seal off all entrance. Over and out!”

Singapore 3G network huh! I think soon they can tell when you visit Geylang.

So much so for privacy!

Update: This morning when I was working, my phone show: "XXXX Building", I got even more "curious". I called M1 and clarify. The technical support told me, this is not any kind of 3G AP or GPRS tracking, it is only a base station broadcast service provided by M1. You can turn it off if you want. She also told me that there will be no tracking of any kind. I don't buy it, but nonetheless I will leave it "on" because it's interesting.


Nursery rhymes removed for promoting Western Culture

The state of Madhya Pradesh in India, take out most of the famous Western nursery rhymes, like "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" etc, for the children education syllabus. The ideas was for childs in India to " value education in local color." (Link)

I would say this is a profound hatred for the Western Culture.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Science project for my boy

I raed about this 'fun' experiment in Wikihow. Raynor will sure love this.
Very basic things, simple setup with drastic effect. The eruption is said to be able to reach 18 feet. Be sure not to try this at home or party without consent. (Link) to Wikihow: How to Make a Soda Bottle Volcano

Update: The mad Scientist at explain how the whole things work. (Link)

Singapore night market attraction

One after another pasa malam (night market) has come to Woodlands. While I fetch Raynor from his abacus class, I passed by one this “走江湖”.
The crowd that gather to hear his words per night is more than the people that actually come to raed my blog per week(not that I mind). While Dr Chee may deliver powerful democratic speeches, he would not be able to draw such a crowd.

I never stop for another look. As I pass by, the Uncle's exaggerated facts and “powderful” speech still ring in my ear.

I come to a conclusion.

Chinese Singaporean “喜欢看热闹,不喜欢听道理。”

1 degree truth cannot compare to 99 degree of bullshit, what an ironic!

Spaceport Singapore

Planned to build for space hungry tourists and families
Spaceport Singapore, SGD 191 million to build, will open on 2009.
News (Link) more (Link)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Holy War, should we choose?

I heard that there is a documentary schedule to release, and in my opinion, would have greater impact than the lately “code” movie.
The title is Islam: What the West need to know?
This documentary aims to prove Islam is, in fact a violent religion. On top of this, the 98 minutes film by Quixotic Media, LLC also will try to postulate Islamic Theology split the World into two parts, engage in never ending conflicts and wars. (Link)

What they hope to achieve? That the World be rid of Islam and Muslim?

I hope this also work for Human

Apparently canaries can choose the sex of their babies according to the song of the male.
The male canaries will hone a love song, and how "attractive" the song will determine the size of the eggs lay by the female canaries. larger egg = male birds. (Link)

That was easy! I mean if Human babies can be as simple as that, the earth will be fill with Einstein and Mozart and Super Heroes.. well, maybe not super, just heroes.

Cool and fashionable laptop bag

I found this slick looking gadget bag while reading my daily news.
The maker of LEvertigo Black Pear is Be-ez, who made the travelbag for Ipod. Simple but "in" look, it can also fit in a 15" macbook. The site did not indicate its price, but I am sure its not cheap. (Link)

After my bag retired, I would consider this.

Everybody want to look younger wat!


I approach the “菜饭” stall with my usual lunch hour drowsiness, but the lady manager to wake me up.


Not because she calls me little brother, but first time in my life I am intrigue by the wondrous of Hokkien dialect. She asked me what kind of “saltiness” I want leh!


I returned the kindness. We both smile at meeting people from the same ‘tribe’.

I also realized the Hokkien of stingy is "咸涩", which are 'taste' also.

I will continue to ponder about the word and culture for this whole day.

Interesting surf raed - Who are the Hokkien People? and the urban dictionary (billingsgate warning)

Privileges of a King

Will refused to sleep last night, so I introduced him to MS paint brush.
He adapts to the click and hold+draw pretty quickly, and then he did some impressionist painting. He would say “blue, blue!", which was his favorites color, and then demand his PA – me, to select the right one for him.

It was past midnight 12:15 am, I think maybe I could sell the painting for a million bucks.

In this way, I can be with him every night at this hour.

Monday, June 12, 2006


I am a simple peasant. Weak is my Heart and conflict is what I fear.
Nothing I can gain from this war.

I just want a piece of land that I can harvest on, why is it so difficult?

One week in Kuala Lumpur

My brother in law has been very kind, not only is he willing to married my sister but also invites us to his condo in KL.
In the day time we just idle around in places like Times Square, KLCC, Midway Village and Jusco. Raynor also enjoy soaking in the pool whole day every day. William, I think he forgot school.

We never got to visit all the good eating place. The food in KL is good and cheap with every places you go. Our brother in law drove us around every night. We've been to good eating places like KLFC (古仔美食中心) and Raku Zen, he also told me the there is a food court here in KL with full wifi support, unthinkable.

We can never reply his kindness.

Things that I misses during the trip:
- No internet
- No PAP
- No work (Ya! like real!)

There is one thing I find it blog worthy about this place. During my visit I realized that Midway Village shopping mall was build on top of a Hindu Temple. Was the gahmen powerless against them or the evil landlord fail to "buy" them over?

Such is a view you will never see in Singapore, a mega shopping mall stand side by side with a Hindu Temple. I call this respect of Religion.

Next time I would try to take some pictures.