Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Singapore night market attraction

One after another pasa malam (night market) has come to Woodlands. While I fetch Raynor from his abacus class, I passed by one this “走江湖”.
The crowd that gather to hear his words per night is more than the people that actually come to raed my blog per week(not that I mind). While Dr Chee may deliver powerful democratic speeches, he would not be able to draw such a crowd.

I never stop for another look. As I pass by, the Uncle's exaggerated facts and “powderful” speech still ring in my ear.

I come to a conclusion.

Chinese Singaporean “喜欢看热闹,不喜欢听道理。”

1 degree truth cannot compare to 99 degree of bullshit, what an ironic!

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