Friday, June 16, 2006

New system for bus interchange.

Recently, Singapore bus interchange has got a new queuing system. I think it’s called the handicap queue.
I like the idea very much.
The normal queue was mark by metal bar leading the pedestrian from one end to another without any deviation.

The handicap queue is better. Needy pedestrian will gather in groups just prior to the bus boarding area. When the bus arrived, the normal queue will proceed to board the bus first. However, the best part is here. Whenever pedestrian from the normal queue slacken by even a bit, the handicap queue takes over.

This is by far the best solution I see that the bus station implement to solve the already congested interchange.

But it is to ambiguous, I believe a sign can be hang on top of the area stating “Gather here, if you are old, pregnant, handicap or otherwise think that you are not able to take the normal queue.”

Further more, I think the station control could also draw a red box at the area.

Write this in the box: “Caution! This area is reserve for pedestrian with special needs.”

A bouncer can stand guard at the area to ensure that regulation is not violated.

Off course, if the bus station takes my suggestion seriously. They should hire me as their bus control consultant. Haha!

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