Monday, June 12, 2006

One week in Kuala Lumpur

My brother in law has been very kind, not only is he willing to married my sister but also invites us to his condo in KL.
In the day time we just idle around in places like Times Square, KLCC, Midway Village and Jusco. Raynor also enjoy soaking in the pool whole day every day. William, I think he forgot school.

We never got to visit all the good eating place. The food in KL is good and cheap with every places you go. Our brother in law drove us around every night. We've been to good eating places like KLFC (古仔美食中心) and Raku Zen, he also told me the there is a food court here in KL with full wifi support, unthinkable.

We can never reply his kindness.

Things that I misses during the trip:
- No internet
- No PAP
- No work (Ya! like real!)

There is one thing I find it blog worthy about this place. During my visit I realized that Midway Village shopping mall was build on top of a Hindu Temple. Was the gahmen powerless against them or the evil landlord fail to "buy" them over?

Such is a view you will never see in Singapore, a mega shopping mall stand side by side with a Hindu Temple. I call this respect of Religion.

Next time I would try to take some pictures.

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