Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sunbath day - Worked

So long never smell the office on saturday oredy!
I welcome the change.

Friday, November 25, 2005

finally friday

Tonight is Civ IV nite, I have to get enough kick out of this game before my third born come.
like it or not, this will be the me tonite.
make appointment ok?

should consider lucky staying in Singapore

Now in India when you said something like "pre-maritial sex is ok" you are in big trouble.

Whats the matter actually? when man go fooling around and cheat their wife by having sex with another woman, at the same time they expect their bride to be a virgin, it is ok, but at the same time they would not allow their wife to be share by other.

The logic is, every women can be share except my wife, and if you women cannot keep purity before marriage, it is your problem. We, man, can sleep around, but; you, women, must keep your purity before marriage.


tell you what kind of person I am

My church members use to tell me that you can tell a person character by looking at his/her book cabinet.

That is, if your bookshelf is fill with chapalan books, you probably have a sick mind, and you will have more 'fallen' habit. It sort of tell people what your life focus is actually place.
Yesterday I took a shot of my bookshelf and its remind me of you and your family.

Thanks! Joshua, I will take you word as both a compliment and good advise.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

just discovered Google fans blog

Google Code Jam via Google fans Blog in chinese, good site for programmer and people interested in the development of Google.

Mind you, they are die hard Google user hor!

lunch time tinker

dunno what to say, sad human.

the new baby in blogosphere, Wawa.

(update: this is just boliao and I don't want to stop blogging, I am helpless!)

Build train after teeth operation

He is ok, although keep crying and said pain pain in the whole afternoon. He is now able to eat more, play more and as if it never happen. Children are amazing.

Ha even build a future MRT for our country.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

story of mail order bride from China

江艳, 36, is a nice lady from 四川. She come to Singapore on a 1 month social visit pass.
Wthin 21 days she will go to ROM and get legally marry to a man who she never met face to face in her life.

From there she would apply for a PR status, follow by pink IC.

She has entirely no skills nor formal education in any area, she is here to become a house wife.

I just realized that now Singapore policy allow foreigner to empoly such a tatic to get a legal status here.

Open and inclusive society huh?

Look to me like our Gahmen are also inviting foreign voters and foreign mummy.

Good policy hor? Also can improve relationship with China leh!

don't listen to all that GP has to said

Today is William's dreadful day, 2 teeth decayed beyond patch and 4 teeth to patch.
We actually can blame the GP that told us kids below age 7 don't have to blush their teeth, but than we as a parents plays a more important role.

Sorry, William, we didn't make sure that you never eat too much sweets and tibits, and we fail to check your teeth regularly like we did with your brother.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

too much Ice lemon tea make me girlish

"Why you keep drinking this, only girl drink this you know?"
"Izzit? Why I dunno?"
Is it the look of the cup or is it drinking ice lemon tea make you feel weak.

Anyway, not that being a girl is weak, most of the time they are stronger than man.

network headache

This freekin router is so difficult to setup, increase my posion shot also dun help.
Maybe I am just plain stupid.

Any help would be appreciated.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Economic must be good in Singapore

Wife said auntie nasi lemak is superb, hot hot one!
Although she got no licence, but we also buy from her or else how to said market is turning good?
I also recon auntie make about 50% profit or more, no rental, sure piss the hell out of those wicked landlord. The police station behind the MRT also close one eye.

Gahmen said our economic is getting better, this is surely the sign hor?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday wet market rant

"Is that all we gotta buy?" I asked cautiously.
"Ya! thats about it"
I look at the 3 big plastic bag and figure I could carry another packet of 5 kg rice....
But I dare not say.