Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photography poster of federal budget

On this site you can buy a very detail chart on America spending. The single most comprehensive and transparent (also beautiful) financial detail I’ve seen for a nation, even for organization. Tell me where my money has gone?

(Link) Death and Taxes:2009. via.

OEM is better, boost economic

This is already happening in Singapore. I don’t care how many complain actually knock out products suck, as long as I am making money. For consumer, a cheaper alternative, a FOC one, is always in our consideration.

(Video) Youtube, China fake iPod.

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As a leader, you should grow weary of communication gradually

I like this quote, "If you're a leader and you're not sick and tired of communicating, you probably are not doing a good enough job." Always find new ways and means to communicate.

In Dumb Little Man post today, and add to mine to read list, (Link) Leader Jazz, book.

Others, 5 important questions for leader who intend to rule by democratic system, I altered them a bit,

What power have I got?
Where did I get it from?
In whose interests do I use it?
To whom am I accountable?
How do I get rid of me and find someone better?

via mrbrown. Although it sounds more like for a sole ruler.