Saturday, September 03, 2005

Siam sq nite

Siam sq nite
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Thai goreng pisang and heineken.

35 baht = s$1 guess which one?

Local delicacy

Local delicacy
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Baht Thai and....

'Thai' ice tea. This will stay very long in memory.

Guess where am i?

Guess where am i?
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Finally able to get my GPRS online. Good job M1!

This market is huge! Anything your petty mind think that it can sell, it is sold here. We are so tired trying to systematically explore this place. Impossible! This is like 八阵图 from 诸葛亮。

finally we give up unwillingly.

We also miss temple of dawn this morning, not very fruitful.... Sigh....

NKF - no peace ever

NKF - no peace ever
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See what I mean?

T T Durai in deep shit now.

How I can have a peace of mind while on holiday?

Friday, September 02, 2005

Home sick oredy!

Home sick oredy!
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Half hour before departure on travellator....

I started to miss my boy already!

This is call heart of the father?

please let go

Glory or burden? who cares!

As I pack for my trip, I discover this uniform in my closet. One of them has turn yellowish oredy.

Without farthur hesitation I threw them away. Actually I have in mind to put them to better use, but nah! higher sense of moral stop me from doing this.

I am still curious of the reason, I have not complete my cycle nor reach 40 years old, and I am 'pest' A, they shouldn't...

Am I really that undesirable? or they simply view me as "threat to national security" and play it safe? But, off course I am more than happy to comply, consider they had issue me a official letter, it make my life a lot easilier.

I still love the sea, too bad....

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yaya! work to become the perfect steak

Go Googling "work like cow" and all this are craps

Meet a colic at the MRT. Same usual topic we talk - WORK lah!
While you may envy people who own car(sour grapes), credit card and condo all, no need lah! Most of them don't know whats afterlife anyway.

And since life is such a haven in Singapore oredy, you honestly don't have to work so hard. Look at the cow, it farm, it milk and it become steak. You want to get your PR sooner? Dream and wait long long! Only the white horse here get the first class citizen awards, the rest just have to pray hard for your lineage to change.

But than.... Our gahmen really take care of us leh! listen to rally talk, promise of big vibrant city leh! with 40'000 jobs await in the IR, dunno how to shuffle cards? never mind! wait for them to build another IR and maybe there is some 'mouth' jobs available.

Singapore is really my big time city, all my future generation are willing to died here.

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tag or no tag? they'll find you.

can you discount your belief?

This two day even I thought I was going to died, panadol, antibiotic, flu pills, pain killer lah.

It is at a time like this many people turn themselves to the all mightly "God". Now, suffering and pain has always been a good excuse to turn yourself to some sort of faith, like "问神" lah! prayer lah.

question remain, can God give discount or not? one very serious sinner and one very righteous both accepted christ and walla! they both end up together in heaven? that simple?

when you are enjoying yourself, do you think about the 'God' your father? or would only seek help but no help. never mind, you are more superior with your saviour.

How was that? Can lostin be a pastor?
Talk like real right?

Got to finish my antibiotic.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Sunbath day - My parents and my boys

Can't touch him!

It is hard to imagine now I have become so pro family when 10 years ago I am still so 放荡不羁.

It is hard to describe the mix feeling when I see my parent and my child getting along so well, without the generation gap we have.

The children is the bridge between us, all resentment and grudges is nutrify by them.

Before we leave, William has decided that he is going to wear his own shoe, you can't give any advise even if he got it wrong, probably he realise that the faster he got it right, the sooner he is going home.

So he just sit there and cry. Mum can't do her job anymore. luckily Dad can.

We should have come here more often.

Sunbath day - day out

This shot was taken outside of Tang's on Saturday. The 2 boys go berserk and perform street dancing. They almost never get the attention they wanted. It is always a welcome attraction at orchard.

This place everyday have promotion. This and that lah. So '热闹' until I also forget that I didn't sleep last nite.

As the date of my third one draw nearer and nearer, I have a hard time keeping up with this 2. Consider this the ultimate trainning of being a human - as a parent.

But hey! 20 years later I will have 5 votes in my hand, watch out!

farewell! Elvis!

life is like a song

My friend Elvis is leaving this country to Canada, hopefully for good!

No, he don't sing well but coz he like the CB word too much... so Elvis.

Elvis! remember the shotgun tactic? Becareful not do break that young girl heart. work hard and please come back for the election, we need you.

Special credit to Azam who makes us walk around the 2Q for 45 freekin minutes before having our nice satay. Thanks! dude! next time you should come along.