Thursday, September 01, 2005

can you discount your belief?

This two day even I thought I was going to died, panadol, antibiotic, flu pills, pain killer lah.

It is at a time like this many people turn themselves to the all mightly "God". Now, suffering and pain has always been a good excuse to turn yourself to some sort of faith, like "问神" lah! prayer lah.

question remain, can God give discount or not? one very serious sinner and one very righteous both accepted christ and walla! they both end up together in heaven? that simple?

when you are enjoying yourself, do you think about the 'God' your father? or would only seek help but no help. never mind, you are more superior with your saviour.

How was that? Can lostin be a pastor?
Talk like real right?

Got to finish my antibiotic.

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