Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yaya! work to become the perfect steak

Go Googling "work like cow" and all this are craps

Meet a colic at the MRT. Same usual topic we talk - WORK lah!
While you may envy people who own car(sour grapes), credit card and condo all, no need lah! Most of them don't know whats afterlife anyway.

And since life is such a haven in Singapore oredy, you honestly don't have to work so hard. Look at the cow, it farm, it milk and it become steak. You want to get your PR sooner? Dream and wait long long! Only the white horse here get the first class citizen awards, the rest just have to pray hard for your lineage to change.

But than.... Our gahmen really take care of us leh! listen to rally talk, promise of big vibrant city leh! with 40'000 jobs await in the IR, dunno how to shuffle cards? never mind! wait for them to build another IR and maybe there is some 'mouth' jobs available.

Singapore is really my big time city, all my future generation are willing to died here.

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