Monday, August 29, 2005

Sunbath day - My parents and my boys

Can't touch him!

It is hard to imagine now I have become so pro family when 10 years ago I am still so 放荡不羁.

It is hard to describe the mix feeling when I see my parent and my child getting along so well, without the generation gap we have.

The children is the bridge between us, all resentment and grudges is nutrify by them.

Before we leave, William has decided that he is going to wear his own shoe, you can't give any advise even if he got it wrong, probably he realise that the faster he got it right, the sooner he is going home.

So he just sit there and cry. Mum can't do her job anymore. luckily Dad can.

We should have come here more often.

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paulynn said...

Interesting blog u've got here,sir.('_')Thanks 4 dropping by my blog & 4 commenting.