Friday, October 27, 2006

Paint The Messiah in colors of your liking

Black LordOff course, I am talking about the upcoming movie, Color of the Cross, not only will it portrait Jesus as a black man, but also purport that the Messiah was persecuted because of his skin color. (Link) coming on 27th Oct 2006

Some Christian may think that his skin color is not crucial. Are you sure? If the Lord is not a black man, what skin color do you think he is? Yellow?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Profile of a fake art king in China

Dafen fake art factoryHuang Jiang, started his career as fake art producer in Dafen village 17 years ago, at his peak, his fake painting factory produces 50’000 paintings in a month, and his income is estimated to be 200 thousand pounds annually at that time. He was generally refers to as the MacDonald of the China art world. (Link)

Now, the village of Dafen in China produces about 5 millions fake paintings of DaVinci, Van Gogh each year, and the China government is proud of them. (Link) to Dafen oil painting International.

How many jobs has he created? He basically owns Dafen.

Fuse your beliefs with Regla de Ocha

Santeria, commonly known as Lukumi, means “The Way of the Saints”, a derogatory term given to them for their seemly over devoted spirit towards their saint. Lukumi also undergo a period of persecution in the early days of Africa. (Link)

Cute Hello Kitty popcorn maker

Hello Kitty popcorn makerGreat! I’ll buy one for Ruth, than wrap it up and safe keep it in my store room for her 10th Birthday. (Link)

Flame war of “elites” and least elites in Singapore

Wee Shu MinA battle has started, if I am not wrong. This time it is not about races, but about classes. The photos of the girl that started all this was posted everywhere now, soon it will light up Technorati and the www. Follow up with the stories here, here and here, or read everything here!


Staffs of Bradford University won 13 million dollars lottery with math machine

The special probability computer observes the lot every week and makes the prediction. For 8 years the 17 staffs had won many prizes, but this time, they strike a big one. The lottery company says that they would not make changes to their system because of this. (Link)

Arts of thousands cigarettes packs created to tribute Jesus

Weird art, if you ask me, because I just cannot connect the two together. Jesus and cigarettes! Created with 5872 cigarettes packs; like I said, weird! (Link)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jesus Christ’s action figure on Ebay

5 inches tall and made of hard plastic, movable arms with Bible quotes come with each figure, ideal for educational Bible child’s play. (Link)

Singapore elite and less elite classes

Ok, since everyone is talking about it, and its not related to sex scandal, maybe I can share my piece.

Singapore is like that long time oredi, everybody knows but no one dare to talk only.

There are a lot of story sing and unsung in work places, in camps etc, ask the old timer and they can tell you.

All elite “traditions” are in place now; it is too late to talk about it now.

After some talks, as usual, no body takes action, the matters RIP.

End of the day, they continue to exist and we continue to endure.

Australia interracial couples gave birth to yinyang twins

With white German father and black Jamaican mother, Alicia and Jasmin were born as twin’s sister, one white and one black. Even with such a heritage, the odd of getting such a combination is 1:1000000, harder to strike than lottery. (Link)

Marmite and toast arts in London capture famous faces

Created by Dermot Flynn, marmite was use to ‘draw’ famous faces on the toast, and put in the gallery for view. Faces include Jude Law and political figures like England prime. (Link)

SYAL, Cancer blogger, Miriam Engelberg

Miriam started to share her experience and before death journey since she discovered that she has breast cancer. All her emotion, pain, happiness and thoughts were recorded in comic's style on her blog, go and read it. (Link)

Super Nova that emits dark energy

The star SNLS-03D3bb, not only did it emit dark wave around it, the new born star violate all the theories Scientist ever knew about the birth of new star. It is like the Pandora box, some media said. (Link)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Wish for a million candles that may change the World

There are evils in the world, virtual and real, we cannot safely bring up our children in this world unless we, too, play a part in shaping a ethical society. Go and light your share! (Link)

Sets of vintage Singapore photos on Ebay

Nostalgic collector, take a look at those photos that remind me of my grandfather, the old kampong and the fighting spider. (Link) and (Link)

RIP, Thich Man Giac, Zen master, Scientist and poet

Thich Man Giac, died of cancer at age 77 on 13 October, he was the Supreme Patriarch of the Vietnamese United Buddhist Churches of America. (Link)

Plan your life trip properly

I am having some much fun with this.

Line Rider - beta by *fsk on deviantART

Can't stop making slope after slope!

11th clown convention held in Mexico

More than 400 over clowns were there celebrating and brought fun to the public. I just love clown, wish I were there. (Link)

Youtube also banned people one!

After Michelle Malkin, Youtube moves to banned another consevertive Blogger. I wonder would it get worst or better after Google aquired Youtube? (Link)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Second greatest commandment

Our Indian neighbour invited us to his house for Diwali dinner and celebration. We are always glad to attend gathering like this. The kids, on the other hand, enjoy another kind of celebration outside the corridor.