Friday, May 16, 2008

Touch my heart – 忘忧草

Since when, my memories were filled with another girl. A second one who has steals my heart away. I cannot do anything without noticing her present. She was there when I am listening to my favorite music. She was there when I saw other parents push their little girl into MRT in a walker. She is here as I blog.

Ruth invented her own language recently, which she speaks with enthusiasm. Without understanding a single word, I know they mean love. I cannot recall how I got home, it is because my heart reaches first.

I freeze the moment. The moment melts me.




China brand super earthquake is coming

While the disaster killed more than twenty thousand people, China still packs economical strength to shake the world. I estimate more than 70% of the country was not bother by the event. At least I did not hear anything from any Singapore China “stayer”.

Friend bought this China brand mobile phone at Sim Lim on Thursday. I can almost see them flooding the MP market here. Check it out yourself, phones with all function of N80 selling at less than SGD200 here. We were watching naruto. I even watch a demonstration of this phone scanning and receiving Indonesia’s Channel. It simply blows me away. Btw, it is touch screen ok!

He, he. You can also buy an exact copy of iPhone for less than half the price there. Steve Jobs, bless you.

What to do, you ask? Change your hand phone every half annually, off course! Who cares about those shitty warranty services offered by branded phone?