Friday, October 13, 2006

Innovation tonight!

I will be at Singapore Expo Hall 3 till 730pm tonight, to find out how inspiring Innovationation is. see you next week!

Intelligent clothes design by Joanna Berzowska

Intelligent clothesBy using special materials that response to light, sound, temperature etc, Professor Joanna Berzowska was able to make clothes come alive. One of her creation named Kukkia, has flower on the neck area that open and closes with a mind of its own. (Link)

World largest sexual intercourse gathering held in Japan

I Google around and find no others information about this. I am quite skeptical about the source too. But, here we go..
Japanese mass gatheringJapan organizes 500 hundreds young men and women, matches them together, then invite them to have sexual intercourse with each other in a warehouse at the same time. The whole process is then film by a group of pro photography crew.
Those participants are crazy! (Link)

African tribe in Zimbabwe with inherited Ectrodactyly condition

VadomaThe Vadoma people have not formal contacts with the outside world. Their genetic mutation earns them nicks like "ostrich people" or the "two-toed tribe." I have a funny feeling, like they are able to do something others can’t, like the X-Men. (Link)

New finding of the 'tiniest genomes' of the world

Reports from New Scientist:
Carsonella ruddiiRecord for the least number of genome is approximately 400’000, by Mycoplasma genitallium bacterium. Carsonella ruddii, bacteria that live in insects, has merely 182, which means about 160’000 of genetic codes, One third the size of the previous. Researchers at University of Arizona also believe that the bacterium is facing distinction. (Link)

China first ever Buddhist monk’s blog

释学诚Abbot Xuecheng (释学诚)starts blogging because he feels that internet had became a trend, people who are interested in Buddhism may not be able to attend masses or go to the temple regularly. He decides to starts a blog. His blog now receives about 2 thousands hits daily. Can’t wait to see blog from others religious figures. (Link)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Uchimura Kanzō and his pacific non-church Christian movement

Uchimura KanzōIf you are a Christian who is not sure of your denomination, and also the different between them, you probably would like to find out more about Mukyokai. They rejects all formal Church institutions (No denomination), and concentrate only in home Bible study (Cell groups). The founder, Uchimura Kanzō founded the movement in fighting the western denominationlism. (Link)

You can also read entry about them in Wikipedia. (Link)

Farmer in China grows a tiny horn on the head

Devil's hornAccording to the doctor, this is a kind of skin disease. Nothing to do with Human DNA, nor is it some kind of spiritual phenomena. The ‘owner’ of the horn was also deeply troubled by it. (Link)

Send your photos and be made into a ceramic doll

ceramic dolls
The dolls are ceramic, or voodoo, whatever. It looks cute and can be very personal to you. I can’t wait to see someone make a doll out of our Singapore ‘big’ men. (Link)

Egg boiler boils egg without a single drop of water

Bulbed Egg MakerSimon Rhymes, designed and build the light bulb driven egg maker during his study in the University of Bournemouth. He tested about 600 over eggs before the machine is finally workable. The machine is 30 cm and the designed is patented. He also hopes that the more efficient, newly invented egg boiler can become house hold popular product like the toaster. (Link)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The devil enter my eye

No post today, the witch doctor says I watch too much porn and naked stuffs. I may need to undergo an operation if I carry on like this.

He also advises, if I really need to see, at least choose a beautiful one, not just the big one.

Big tits are bad for your eyes, I prove it today.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Asteroid to collide with Earth, again

A Russian astronomer Nikolai Fedorovsky, predicted that a comet will hit Earth on October this year. Think about what happen in May, we are rather skeptical this time. Further more, if it doesn't land at somewhere near Asia, we should be safe.

No link, because the Pravda.Ru is a little "Mao", cannot link, cannot partially reproduce, and cannot take the photos. They think only they own the news.

So, go and Google yourself.

AK47 into guitar, war into peace

Some may like to call it musician ready weapon to shoot someone. I prefer to say, hybrid of war and music, or turning war into peace. Abandon killing and liberate the heart of others with songs. (Link)

Make me recall a Mandrain song, 弹一首清清凉凉的歌.

Singapore TV station dare to telecast this or not?

Have you ever hear people 'chant' KNNBCCB loudly in a public TV programme?
Well, even have, it will also kena chop away by TCS, no chance to hear one. Now, open your ear and hear antie chant CCB! (Link) If you prefer to go hear the CCB yourself. (Thanks! Daniel)

Tribe in China claims herbs that can change sex of baby during pregnancy

The Dong (侗) people is one of the 56 official ethnic groups of China. One of Dong tribe that is staying in a village Guizhou have a special way of contraceptive, each family pledge to conceives only 2 Children in their life time. Then, there is a secret remedy that pastes only from mother to daughter, which claims to be able to change the sex of the baby while they are still inside the womb. Secret revealed only before death. (Link)

For 50 years or so every family in the village have had two children each, one boy and one girl, only.