Friday, April 11, 2008

TGIF documentary: End of times

Tonight I will be up at 11th hour. Look upon and pray that if the days come, may they come early, that I can witness the end of human.(Link)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Light crown in Singapore

A middle aged man in MacDonald weaving a colorful Aztec styled crown for women. He did it under 10 minutes with rough hands that remind me of my father. It was sold later to father of a Caucasian girl. I pass by him. I thought I hear a sigh and turn back. I saw two holes on a stiff and darken mask, emotionlessly graze upon his current creation. Without joy.

Image of balloon crown burst on little girl head haunt me on my way back. Maybe I am too tired tonight.



Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Keep reminding us to maintain a low crime rate

Singaporean may had too secure a life. We are so sure, there is no way we are going to have juvenile delinquency here. These are false senses of security. Our home affair team is not like us. They are ever vigilant. You see, first I see this at many shopping mall. Now they are so on. Today I see that it is paste on every table where I have my dinner. Quite a view to behold, I would say.

Raynor even ask me, “Papa, something happen is it?” I dare not answer.

I like it that they advertise 7-Eleven on the sticker. Means anything you want, go there hor. Don’t steal, ok?

Hero cake

“Teleported” from Japan, these cakes arrive just in time to ease my hunger. It was too late for my childhood.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Leaked scanned copy of Aishwarya Rai ‘s passport

(Link) to a forum which posted copy of famous Indian celebrity, Aishwarya Rai. This is true it is damnation of WWW. Privacy death.

The rich is safe in Singapore

I missed Singeo last few days. Damn me. Now that I know Singapore is sinking slowly. I thanks Bukit Timah hill. (Link) which should not be of any concern now.

My correction. We get more sea water coming our way lah.

Psychology behind suicidal at MRT

This is about it. Once you are dead, anybody can say whatever they want. How to confirm who’s right? Straits Times says he fell. Almost all others media says the man jumped. You represent the public opinion; you said fell, then fell lor.

I am intrigue by how Medias sway the topic. Someone die. I read most reports and comments. All they talked about were train disrupted, service level dropped, how MRT was incompetent. Anything more in-depth, you would have to imagine.

Something to revoke one of our greatest philosophers; he said men after 40s is mentally stable, not confused. It is not true.

The man who jumped, *ahem* ..fell, was he overly mollycoddled by local education system, or his parent? I reckon self destruction thoughts should not flash and all of a sudden, become action. It is transformation. This is a social issue. Build all barriers you need and see where we go.

My curiosity stops at his profession.

End of Korea life

It is like, the more you blog the less you are going to talk about. I begin to understand why popular blog is what it is. They are more focus. Please do not misunderstand me; I like Korea, some of it, especially those temples that were built on mountain top. They are fascinating.

This is about my blog categories. It shrinks.

Monday, April 07, 2008

lostin poem: don't question your religion

Photo from lightproofbox, road to heaven.



如果爱 创天地无穷