Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Psychology behind suicidal at MRT

This is about it. Once you are dead, anybody can say whatever they want. How to confirm who’s right? Straits Times says he fell. Almost all others media says the man jumped. You represent the public opinion; you said fell, then fell lor.

I am intrigue by how Medias sway the topic. Someone die. I read most reports and comments. All they talked about were train disrupted, service level dropped, how MRT was incompetent. Anything more in-depth, you would have to imagine.

Something to revoke one of our greatest philosophers; he said men after 40s is mentally stable, not confused. It is not true.

The man who jumped, *ahem* ..fell, was he overly mollycoddled by local education system, or his parent? I reckon self destruction thoughts should not flash and all of a sudden, become action. It is transformation. This is a social issue. Build all barriers you need and see where we go.

My curiosity stops at his profession.

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