Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sunbath Special Election day - Word of a True Patriot

No matter what is the outcome, after the Election, I will continue to serve the people of Singapore with my whole Heart.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Day of Reckoning – How to vote?

This dreadful day has fallen upon me.

This day I will have to decide the happiness of my wife, children and myself.

This day is the bird day of my Missy and my second son.

I made 3 mistakes in my life that I need to make amend:
- I dictate my family too much, every time only I talk, they cannot talk, now evrything is going to explode.
- I enjoy my life to much, only buy good things for myself, but my family take the lowest grade staff.
- Every decision made in the family, it is from me, not body else, that is going to change.

There are a few choices available to me; I would have to weigh them carefully.

1. Electrical appliances – practical and useful, proven to work in the past, but I scare my utilities bill after that will go up leh! especially with some heavy duty one that draw a few hundred kilo juice per month.

2. staff and tools – I have been eyeing that hammer for sometimes already, well, they are off course useful, but end up I will be the one who is doing all the work.

3. Jewels and thingy – my missy like that star of freedom, which promise that they will shine for us, and the stall is also near to our place, easy to follow up. I told her, I afraid good to see, not good to eat.

4. The furniture – my friends at Potong Pasir told me they have this for a long times now, they are very comfortable with it and highly recommend some to me, I am still thinking about it.

By tonight I would have to decide, Electric, Hammer, Jewels or the old Furniture in Potong Pasir, They are all so appealing, hard choices.

But, some how, I still have another choice, If I for some reason, not stupid hor! Cannot decide on which item to buy, I can always do this:

Electric X
Hammer X
Jewels X
Old furniture X

I can abstain, although sorry to wife and William.

For those interested in the Chinese version: (Link)

Trust in Humanity

Malaysia news: a 33 years old man married a 104 years old woman.
He claim that this is not for her wealth and she is poor anyway, he wants to live with her because of her deep religious spirit. (Link)

I am skeptical, not that I doubt his sincerely, but I feel that there must be something hidden within our eyes, know only to this young man.

Check carufully! fellow journalist.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Better than bicycle: Poweriser

Treehugger has a review on the new way of travelling cum playing type of "gadget", or whatever cal Poweriser, which I think will soon become a hype in Europe, even Asia, who knows? It might come to Singapore. (Link)

Looks cool, don't you think so?


The idea of cloaking proposed

The idea was still at its embryo state, although it is claim to be able to render dust and particles invisible.
The theory works more a less like the tuning forks, but instead of resonating sounds wave, they proposed the theory of resonating light wave, object that stays near the device would have light bounce off, thus render invisibility.

The idea was propose by a number of physicist at the Imperial College London, UK. (Link)

Just like the previous invisible tech that I came across, it could end up 胎死腹中, or a hoax entirely.


You can now powered ipod with your own pee

If you think everything that come out from that part of your body are waste products, thats where you are wrong, at least sperm are most important of all.
Other than that reproduction fluid. A single drop of urine also contain 1.5v of battery power, same as a AA battery, according to Dr Lee Ki Bang, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore. (Link)

No wonder! Sometime I experience shivering during my water work time, must be the electrical charges from my urine, 1.5v X how many drops was there? is a miracle I never got electrocuted.
More, if you have many members in your family, every time they go toilet, you can now provide them plastic bag and tell them to pack'em up later for sales or keep for future, that way you can save energy or even let SP (Singapore Power) cut you electricity away, without fear.

But than, my main concern are, like that the price of those real battery will slumber, bad for the economic, many will lost their job.



For the Earth: I waited and waited for the worst, and now they tell me this. (Link) and now I have to live happily for the next 60 years.
For the election: I waited and waited and they give me this. (Link) and now I have to continue blog and blog for the next 18 years.

LL, also must go and vote.

SoonR - Skype on your Mobile Phone

Soonr is in its Beta now, but many is starting to use and talk about it.
I have downloaded (FOC) and starting to test it out.
The only downside I can see now is probably, you must leave your PC on, all the time.

But, still it is good if you received oversea calls frequently. (Link)

Highly recommended animation DVD

Animation fever fans do not miss this, I miss the first batch and it went out of stock for 1 month.
I first watch the trailer at Bishan Junction 8 Best Denki, my logic act against my emotional best judgement, I thought I could get a better price else where.

I was wrong. Two days later, Final Fantasy VII animation DVD went island wide out of stock in Singapore, gosh! the two week was like wild witch hunt, every VCD stall I passed by, I pop:

"Do you have FF VII Advent Chrildren DVD?"
"No stock, not here yet."
The standard answer I got, thanks to my boy, who never fail to remind me every night when we are watch TV.
"Why you didn't buy when you got the chance?"
Thanks hor!

The story continue few years after Cloud the wonder boy defeated Sephiroth. A new kind of disease threaten the people and the team was involve once again, yes, the whole team.

No spoiler, because I haven't watch yet, but you can watch the trailer here. (Link)

Standard: Best Animation Award of the year 2006, 5 out of 5 stars, Movie standard!



News from the Inquirer, they did a survey, the purpose is to find out how many actually trust what they read on a blog site.

The real purpose is, in my opinion, to affirm that the so called MSM are still in control, are they? You tell me.

82% trusted the local TV news, and only 9% trusted the internet, and off course, there is a always 100% trust when people read THE In-quirer, or else why do you put up this post. (Link)

I guess, blogger are like clowns on the internet, what we do are merely to provide forget tomorrow entertainment to those follish enough to stumble over us, like barney the purple dionsaur.

We, should stop blogging, buy a pack of pop-corn and sit in front of the TV whole day.

Stop thinking dude, blogging is a waste of time.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

lostin the philosopher's question, Dumb!

Inspired by the latest BBC news (Link), I, too, present you with 4 no answer dumb question, which I hope you, will not have to face it in your whole life.

1. You lead an expedition to nowhere, half way through you faces an obstacle, and you have two choices: A) either all pass through or all die, 50 50 chances, and B) Sacrifice half to save the other half, 100% chances. What would it be?

2. You are a doctor caught in a plane clash, 2 patients, who will soon die within 3 minutes if not attend to. Who would you save? A) The one and only monkey in the whole world, and B) Your nation economic minister.

3. You are trap on an island; your only source of food was some miracle fish that swim pass that place regularly. You know, every fish you eat would kill a villager in the near by fish village, which also rely solely on the fish for survive. How long would you eat the fish?

4. The “great almighty” appear before you, offer you with a monthly pay check of 1 million dollars (US$), the catch, every time you draw, 10 people would suffer in hard ship and poverty. How long do you intend to draw?

Death of a million is actually history, not just numbers


Eat all you can, for limited time period only

have you claim your share, quickly now, it will be over in a few days, then everything will be back to square one.

While stocks last! (Link)

Amazing 20Q knows what "object" are you thinking of

Please click on the picture to enlarge the view. The people that develop this are simply brilliant, I can't stop play just to figure out how it works.
The game: think of any object, trust me, anything, and click away according your preference, within 20 question or less, 20Q will guess it, or very near to it.

Not convince, try again, and again, it is like magic. (Link)


Manga review: 鲔鱼土佐船。

鲔鱼,即吞拿鱼,英文名为 Tuna
We eat it with bread, we eat it with salad and we eat it as sushi, but many of us do not know how it comes about.

There are many Manga out there describing different profession, but it is just hard to find one describing the life of a true seaman. (Singapore Navy not counted)

Author of the Manga, 青柳裕介 chooses a rare topic as such for his Manga, doesn't make this Manga more boring, in fact, due to its rarity, I would call it a gem of Manga.

The Manga doesn't write about the hardship of the Tuna catchers only, but their passion and conviction towards the goals to secure more edible fish, each tuna once surface, must be treated with care or risk losing the market value, e.g. the tuna body should be intact for maximum sushi value.

If the story could be imitated and make into a TV series, I am sure it would be interesting, off course, not by TCS, they make lousy show.

Recommended : @@@@ of 5


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Last day or not, we will not change

Whether as a believer or an antheist, we some how felt that the world that we currently live in will end, or should end, reason known probably only to our inner most heart.
Do you need some more facts to tell you that the Universe will not last forever? here is another one from Seed. (Link)

Since that is so true, why do we struggle so hard every day to maintain whatever that will be destroyed in times? Wasn't there some hope that we can feel but cannot express, and make us go on day by day?

Forbes top 10 sexiest.....

This are a styles and tactics always employ by many Chinese news paper to increase their daily sales, the so call MSM has a large number of audience, even some good writers also bow down to them and produce aritcles that have no benefits whatoever to Humanity. Maybe is time we follow their style.
To read the news report, go to (Link), to directly access the and view the most sexiest 10, go to (Link)

State of the world blogosphere

What kind of a Phenomenon is this? the current state of us - crazy bloggers.

1. Technorati now tracks over 35.3 37.3 Million blogs.
2. The blogosphere is doubling in size every 6 months.
3. It is now over 60 times bigger than it was 3 years ago.
4. On average, a new weblog is created every second of every day.
5. 19.4 million bloggers (55%) are still posting 3 months after their blogs are created.
6. Technorati tracks about 1.2 Million new blog posts each day, about 50,000 per hour.

join in the fray! crazy world. (Link)

American Express kena hijack

Do you own one of the plastic form them?
If so, then probably you would be interested to read this. (Link)

Family Progressive Package, III

After I managed to wait through the long Q at the ATM and claim my PP, I said to myself, this is a good time for celebration.
I told wife that ever since our third born arrived, we hardly find time to enjoy a good "restaurant" meal, especially with few of our good friends.

We were so quiet after our 点心, so much so that even Raynor can tell that something is wrong.

"Papa, the food not good?"

I look at friends, the meal were so good, in fact, it kinda remind us of the food before the day of questioning, er.. execution, and we know after this...

We go back and expect to face our ever increasing HDB loan interest rate, utilities bills, kids school fees, road tax(thanks God I dun drive), and public transport fare etc.

We would have to show how much we love our choice and contribute back to society, as a patriot, we really love this part.

Family Progressive Package, II

Usually ice-cream would make me very happy, but...
I dunno why, when I am eating this, I cannot forget how Papa disallow me to choose watching my own TV program, I cannot choose to buy my favourites super hero figure, and I can't draw with my marker at location I prefer.

Papa, always make me sleep early...

Papa, when I want to eat sweet, you make me eat sour plum.....

Papa, when I cry, you say I am being unreasonable......

I cannot forget all this.

Papa, you are dictator or my father?