Thursday, May 04, 2006


News from the Inquirer, they did a survey, the purpose is to find out how many actually trust what they read on a blog site.

The real purpose is, in my opinion, to affirm that the so called MSM are still in control, are they? You tell me.

82% trusted the local TV news, and only 9% trusted the internet, and off course, there is a always 100% trust when people read THE In-quirer, or else why do you put up this post. (Link)

I guess, blogger are like clowns on the internet, what we do are merely to provide forget tomorrow entertainment to those follish enough to stumble over us, like barney the purple dionsaur.

We, should stop blogging, buy a pack of pop-corn and sit in front of the TV whole day.

Stop thinking dude, blogging is a waste of time.

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