Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Family Progressive Package, III

After I managed to wait through the long Q at the ATM and claim my PP, I said to myself, this is a good time for celebration.
I told wife that ever since our third born arrived, we hardly find time to enjoy a good "restaurant" meal, especially with few of our good friends.

We were so quiet after our 点心, so much so that even Raynor can tell that something is wrong.

"Papa, the food not good?"

I look at friends, the meal were so good, in fact, it kinda remind us of the food before the day of questioning, er.. execution, and we know after this...

We go back and expect to face our ever increasing HDB loan interest rate, utilities bills, kids school fees, road tax(thanks God I dun drive), and public transport fare etc.

We would have to show how much we love our choice and contribute back to society, as a patriot, we really love this part.

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