Thursday, May 04, 2006

Highly recommended animation DVD

Animation fever fans do not miss this, I miss the first batch and it went out of stock for 1 month.
I first watch the trailer at Bishan Junction 8 Best Denki, my logic act against my emotional best judgement, I thought I could get a better price else where.

I was wrong. Two days later, Final Fantasy VII animation DVD went island wide out of stock in Singapore, gosh! the two week was like wild witch hunt, every VCD stall I passed by, I pop:

"Do you have FF VII Advent Chrildren DVD?"
"No stock, not here yet."
The standard answer I got, thanks to my boy, who never fail to remind me every night when we are watch TV.
"Why you didn't buy when you got the chance?"
Thanks hor!

The story continue few years after Cloud the wonder boy defeated Sephiroth. A new kind of disease threaten the people and the team was involve once again, yes, the whole team.

No spoiler, because I haven't watch yet, but you can watch the trailer here. (Link)

Standard: Best Animation Award of the year 2006, 5 out of 5 stars, Movie standard!



Unknown said...

Yes, this animation is really nice! I bot mine at TS. Go look for it!

TZ said...

Thanks leh, I got it!